Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beacon of Glory

Holy Paladin raid AoE healing needs a bit of a boost. But the problem with the current Holy paladin design is Beacon of Light. Beacon of Light is very powerful, but in a lot of ways has a tendency to "straight-jacket" paladins into a very specific healing style.

My proposal to improve paladin AoE healing and mitigate some of the effect of Beacon of Light is to introduce a new Beacon spell.

Beacon of Glory
Fills the Paladin with divine power for 5 min. Each heal you cast will also heal up to 5 raid or party members within 10 yards of the Paladin for 10% of amount healed. The Paladin can only have one Beacon active at a time.
This allows a paladin to switch modes when Beacon of Light is not the best choice. It allows the paladin to AoE heal in high raid damage situations, while still allowing them to focus on a single tank. It matches the current style of paladin AoE healing in Holy Radiance, where the paladin is restricted to healing those around her.

You'd have to do something to Tower of Radiance. Maybe a simple "Extra healing done by Beacon of Glory is increased by 1/2/3%."


Anonymous said...

I've thought something similar (mostly with overheals). I like your idea. I'd twist it so you could only have one beacon up at a time, and wouldn't tie Glory to the peladin (so you could place it in the middle of your assignment). This means we are choosing between tank healing and raid healing for our beacons (kind of like Chakra).

Kierbuu said...

Weirdly enough, that is what I pictured Beacon of Light doing when I first had it described to me.

Clockw0rk said...

I like it, kind of reminds me of the old glyph of holy light and still keeps the Paladin focusing on his/her direct heals...*nods in approval*

Also agree with the Anon though, it'd be cool if you could place it on a specific target...maybe have it reduce direct healing on them (from you only) slightly in trade for the AoE?

Rohan said...

I think Beacon of Glory on another target would be a bit too good.

Compare to shaman's Healing Rain. The shaman can place the Healing Rain anywhere, but people can move out of it. In contrast, a Beacon of Glory on another target would move with the group, and always work at full efficiency.

Clockw0rk said...

Maybe make it relatively short range? Project a gold ring on the ground near the person that people would have to stand in to be eligible.

Gina / said...

This idea would be nomnomnomsauce! Though I am sure someone would say it could potentially be op, maybe balance it with a single target healing penalty (ewww).

Reminds me a bit of holy priests though and chakra "stance dancing". May be cool!