Thursday, December 29, 2005

Boring Day

Bronzebeard now has server queues of upwards of 250 people. Quite sad, really.

I didn't accomplish a whole lot today. I helped some guildmates with a quest and completed another quest dealing with the aftermath of some Sunken Temple quests. Unfortunately, the next quest in the chain is in Blackrock Spire, so that's the end of that chain for a while. I tried to queue up for some PvP, but the wait times were just too long.

Oh well, tomorrow is the first of our endgame guild runs. Hopefully that will go well, and it will become a regular affair. Ideally, I'm hoping for enough people to raid the Undead side of Stratholme. It is New Years Eve in Australia, so we may not get a lot of people though.


  1. Happy New Years Eve, mate!

    (did I say that right?)


  2. Thanks! Though I'm not from Australia, but a lot of guildmates are.

    Also, thank you for linking me!