Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Don't Anger the Kodo!

I'm thinking about some of Thoma's points in the PvP thread, and hopefully will post a response soon. But in the meantime, here's a fun World PvP story that happened today:

My Forsaken warlock alt was questing in Desolace. At one point, I run into a Nightelf hunter and a Human mage, both of them around my level. I didn't really want to fight, especially outnumbered, as I just wanted to get to the town and hand in a quest before logging off. So I wave to them, hoping they'll let me go.

No such luck. They back up and start attacking. My succubus Seduces the hunter, and I start casting spells at the mage. I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose the fight eventually, when the mage runs in and starts casting Arcane Explosions.

Unfortunately for him, his Arcane Explosion hits a nearby herd of kodo. Enraged, the kodo charge over and promptly stomp him. Then they go and crush his hunter buddy, before wandering off.

So, the moral of the story:
  1. Focus Fire.
  2. Don't Anger the Kodo!


  1. Yeah it was.

    I have a similar one.

    I was coming out of Dire Maul. Gnome Mage is coming into the area. This is where the arena is found, and there's those wandering hyena packs.

    Anyway, I didn't plan on bothering him. I just ran past.

    He, however, sheeped me. And while I ate grass he started bringing up his fireball. SMASH! Ouch, a crit. So I move in, and see the dog pack behind him, moving our way.

    I back him up, and into the pack. I die (yeah, I'm not the best at PvP), and the dogs tear him apart. Dead Gnome. Boohoohoo. The pack moves on, I ankh, laugh, and make my way back to Camp Mojache.

    I love it when I can use the environment to finish an objective.