Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Spiritual Focus Idea

I still think that Spiritual Focus is very important to the paladin class, and that having it as a Tier 2 talent is too high. It doesn't look like Blizzard will make it baseline anytime soon, but here's a compromise idea.

1. Make Spiritual Focus a baseline ability, but with only a 40% chance to avoid interruptions from damage.

2. Add the following talent to Tier 2 Holy.
Improved Spiritual Focus (3/3)
Requires 5 Points in Holy.
Increases the effectiveness of Spiritual Focus by 10/20/30%.

So we get 3 possibilities:

Untalented Paladin
- 40% base chance to avoid interrupts from damage
- 70% chance with Concentration Aura

Paladin with 3/3 Imp Spiritual Focus
- 70% base chance
- 100% with Concentration Aura

Paladin with 3/3 Imp Concentration Aura
- 40% base chance
- 90% with Concentration Aura
- 15% chance of ignoring interrupts
- 50% chance given to allies

Now, Imp Concentration Aura is much closer to SF in power. It still doesn't completely guarantee your cast, but gives an extra bonus to your allies to make up for it. And it makes 2 paths viable for paladins: one with Holy, and one with Protection.

As well, since we've reduced Imp SF to 3 points, there's room in Tier 2 Holy for a small 2 point talent. Perhaps something like:
Evil's Bane (2/2)
Requires 5 Points in Holy.
Increases the damage done with your Exorcism and Holy Wrath spells by 15/30%. Increases the duration of your Fear Undead spell by 5/10s.

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  1. I know other paladins have called for SF to be made baseline. I disagree. There is literally only two places it's useful: PvP and soloing.

    For Soloing, it's easy enough to time your heals so as to get them off. For PvP, you have far worse problems than interuption, with kicks, shocks, and CS among other things.

    For raiding, it's only moderately useful if you're tanking, and then you shouldn't be trying to heal if you're tanking unless things are already going south. It's bad aggro generation. If you're not tanking, well then, you won't be getting interupted usually.

    In short, SF is good where it is. To help the healing paladin get off spells, if a random mob happens to whack us. With our low threat heals, however, it'll most likely go after the priest or druid.