Thursday, November 02, 2006

Loot Drought

Nothing new is happening. We kill bosses, paladin loot does not drop.

It's been so long since I've gotten anything really good. I've been in this guild for about a month and a half, and I've only picked up an A20 book, and two blue items (admittedly, my Gavel is just shy of epic). Meanwhile, a rogue who joined with me has gotten 5/8 Nightslayer and a Qiraji Sacrificial Dagger.

I have a lot of DKP, just waiting for paladin loot to actually drop. I almost bid on an Untamed Blade today. I pretty much would have zero use for it, but it looked pretty cool, and so was tempting. Probably would have won it too.

I'm generally pretty easy-going about loot, but seriously, this is excessive.

Nothing much else to talk about in WoW. No real issues to discuss. If you want my opinion on something, post in the comments. At least it will give me something to write about.


  1. your time will come for loot just be patient(realize you already have been) its almost a running joke in my guild to see a peice of dragonstalker fall off each boss. but when the SR chest drops of course i had to be in bed early and a 3 day old recruit gets it.


    just hang in there hun you'll be sparkling gold in no time. :)

  2. Hang in there!

    I can kind of relate; I always say: "If my warrior is the tank, plate will not drop."

    Though I have to say that the mage I often run with has it worse (in a way) because there always seems to be another squishy 'needing' against him. He gets really frustrated sometimes to see good stuff actually drop, then lose the roll.

    On Horde side in pre-raid instances if plate drops and my warrior rolls 'need', I win. Pre-expansion, anyway :P

    It had gotten to be such a droll routine that I've actually planned to try to gear out with PvP stuff (through rank 10) with heavy PvP action in AV, and then go for the BOP parts of Valor.

    Then last weekend in an ST run with a good group I upgraded three armor slots and got a pair of decent new weapons. I had counted on one of the upgrades (a rather easy quest), but since it was a good group we cleaned out the whole upstairs and I completed a quest that I'd pretty much written off as "not going to happen" (the 'deep sleep' dragon). It was such a rush that I couldn't get to sleep for almost two hours!

    Your time is coming.
    The wait will make it even more sweet when it happens!

  3. I remember the feeling, but in retrospect, had I been patient and waited to get into the raids, I'd be all geared out by now. As long as you get into the raid, you'll eventually get gear. Think of all the DKP you have. :)

  4. People get upset if you admit you raid for loot. But anticipation of drops and getting loot is one of the fun things about raiding.

    Several months ago I decided to not bid on anything so that I could save up dkp to win a certain item. Week after week waiting for the drop only to not see it sucked the fun out of it for me.

    After I finally got my "dream" item, I vowed to never save up dkp again. This has allowed me to bid to my heart's desire. And the thing is after you bid your dkp drops, but if you raid regularly it builds back up again fairly quickly!

    A friend of mine has been bummed because something he's been holding out for a class item for quite a while. I tried to relay my experience in hopes he wouldn't follow my path. Yet he's in a bad spot, he's waited this long it doesn't make sense not to keep waiting. But in my mind, it doesn't make sense to keep on waiting.

    We run separate dkps, so he's actually won other items, in fact he almost wins something every week - but this lack of one specific item has blinded him.

    What I've learned to live by as a raider is - never hold your hopes on a random drop. The odds are simply against you. I don't care how many felheart slippers have dropped for everyone else.

    Since I've started living by that credo, raids are more enjoyable. Instead of holding out hope for one specific boss - all bosses are my candy store!

    I know your case is different, it sounds like you aren't even getting other drops outside your class that fancy you. :(