Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quick Musings

1. I love Crusader Aura! Greatest paladin ability ever! (Heh, I seem to be saying that a lot lately.)

2. I saw a pure white gryphon, and thought it was the epic flying mount. I asked in guild chat, and was informed that the real epic flying mount was brown and had armor. I don't know, seems kind of wasteful. Just putting armor on something does not an epic make. I think that--in general--we associate the starker colors as rarer. A pure white horse is rarer than a piebald. If I recall correctly, Blizzard made the same mistake with night elf cats.

I think it is one of the few mistakes Blizzard makes with art. Almost all the time, they denote power with complexity. Sometimes the opposite is true, and high end armor becomes overly ornate when it should tend to stark and simple.

The other mistake is that high end plate shows far too much skin. Seriously, the sexiest (and all-around best) piece of armour that Blizzard has ever made was Judgement, and it covered everything. Plate is supposed to protect the wearer, and skin-revealing plate armor is just an oxymoron.

Heh, not really sure why it bothers me. It just seems that my character seems less than compentent by choosing armor that doesn't do its basic job, and incompetence is unattractive.


  1. You're definitely not the only person who feels this way.


  2. I have the same feeling toward plate - if it's supposed to protect you, why in the world is it shaped like a bikini? Maybe it's because I'm female IRL, but I wish we had the choice to use pants beneath our leggings, the same way we can wear shirts...


    PS - On an unrelated side note, I read about your leveling as retribution, and I'd like to say that I've managed to level to 70 pretty fast as a Holy specced pally, just had to get some nice +dmg and healing gear for the leveling. :) Did it in less than three weeks (and I work from Monday to Friday).

  3. Very nice. My problem with levelling speed is not so much spec, but more that my job thinks that I work Monday to Monday. :/