Sunday, February 11, 2007

Small touch, Seal of Vengeance

Another small touch I noticed is that the Captain at Allerian Stronghold will refer to you using your PvP title. It's a neat touch, bringing the PvP game into the PvE game a little bit. It's sort of like the NPCs recognize your title, and that is a bit amusing. In some ways it makes PvP a bit more "real", part of the main game, rather than just a sub-game within the game.

I also hit 64 today. I was feeling unhappy with my spec (mostly because Vindication is completely useless--elite world quest mobs are now immune to it as well), so I respecced to Retribution. I also picked up Seal of Vengeance as well. When I got back to questing, I realized that SoV was amazingly suited to my previous 1H/Shield build, as it does not depend on weapon damage at all. So I went back to Stormwind, and respecced again, this time to 10/45/0.

It's a pretty nice build so far. JotC -> SoV -> Holy Shield -> JoV when fully stacked (usually around 10-12 seconds) -> Holy Shield and/or SoR if the mob is still alive.

I quite like SoV at the moment. Apparently it doesn't scale as well as Seal of Righteousness, but for the moment it does the job quite well.


  1. I'm a ret pally that has the first level BoP swordsmith sword (Flameguard, I think) and a shield.

    For trash mobs I usually go Judge Crusader, then SoR on Judgement cycle with Crusader Strike as often as it procs. I find with the 1.6 second speed of my blade, I get a lot of holy damage from SoR this way. And with AP trinks it helps as well.

    Equally, with long bosses where I may be tanking or OT, I use SoV, CS & JoV if I feel I need a bit of oomph (especially the 72 elite bosses which have a huge health count)....but I also go back to SoR & JoR after a few JoV's.

    I know I am not your typical ret pally (with a fast sword & board) and not using SoC at all, but it has worked for me in the past, and I am not that easy to kill.

  2. My understanding is that while SoV may not scale as well as SoR, JoV (on a full stack) is much better then JoR. The post I read mentioned that you could start with JotC (duh), then SoV till a full stack, JoV (which doesn't eat the stack), then SoR until JoR as soon as possible. If you immediately go back to SoV you have about 4 seconds to proc it to maintain the stack (each proc refreshes the duration of the stack), so you can maintain the stack while alternating SoR and SoV which should maintain a higher amount of damage (and threat) than by using SoR or SoV exclusively. I think that the higher amount of damage remains regardless of the amount +damage gear you have on. So SoV+SoR > SoR > SoV

  3. I like the sequence that s4dfish describes. Nice boost to damage. My only concern for tanking is that SoV probably doesn't build up threat as fast as SoR with a fast 1h.

  4. May not be as fast at grabbing aggro as SoR, but over time will generate a lot more aggro. Plus it's a viewable debuff, so Paladins can now say "what for two applications before starting DPS", much as was we can wait for two sunders with warriors.