Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Back to Raiding

I finally finished my Karazhan key and joined my guild for a Kara run last night.

About the keying processing, I really like Black Morass. It's an inventive and fun instance. It is not, however, an instance that you can really do with a random pick-up group. It's ideal for a group of five friends to just go and practice, to fine-tune their strategy until they are successful. But when you are doing Black Morass in a pickup group, people leave your group after one try, new people join, it's just a big pain.

Anyways, back to Kara. It was good being back in a raid. I've really missed hitting mobs, and was actually very tired of healbotting. I think my Holy spec is a little extreme though, and I'm switching to a Holy/Protection mixture.

I'm seriously considering a Retribution spec, but my warriors love Kings, and I haven't really been able to make a Retribution build that incorporates Kings and enough healing to satisfy me. Given that I'm often the only paladin in a 10-man, having Kings is a necessity. I may go Retribution when we start trying the 25-mans, though.

Karazhan itself is a pretty nice instance, so far. I haven't seen very much of it. We killed Attumen the Huntsmen, and then wiped a lot on Moroes. Good times. The instance itself is an interesting place, less like a dungeon, and more like an actual house (albeit a very big house).


  1. If you're the only paladin in the raid, why is bok a necessity? What class would rather have that than might/wis/salv?

    Warlocks, I guess. But unless you have a whole lot of warlocks, is it really worth gimping your spec?

    Tanks might like it if you're not healing, but if you're a paladin, you'll be healing. Don't kid yourself!


  2. The tanks will have Kings.

    I won't be the only healer, so Kings seems like a much better choice than Light.

    Sure Light boosts my healing, but Kings helps out the druid and the priest.

  3. Guess it makes sense. I'm used to being MH, and light is a big chunk of +heal. And in a 10-man, I guess you have to get used to being the only paladin :(


  4. Yeah, if it was a 5-man, and I'm main healing, Light goes on, no question.

    But when you're one of three healers, Kings becomes a better choice.

  5. thats what i was thinking, salv is better than any other buff really