Sunday, April 29, 2007

Focus Macro

I came across a good focus macro for crowd control on the forums, and I can't find the post again. So I'm recording it here so I can reference it later.
#showtooltip spell
/clearfocus [target=focus, dead][button:3]
/focus [button:1/3, target=focus, noexists]
/cast [button:1/3, target=focus][button:2] spell

If you left-click the icon, the macro will cast the spell on your current focus (without changing your current target). If your focus is dead or doesn't exist, the macro will set your focus to your current target and cast the spell on it.

If you right-click the icon, the macro will cast the spell on your current target, ignoring your focus.

If you middle-click the icon, the macro will switch your focus to your current target and cast the spell on it.

Basically, this macro allows you to designate a target as your focus, and always have your crowd control spells work on that target. So you don't need to find your target before re-sheeping or whatever CC you are using. It should have a decent amount of flexibility with regards to CC'ing a different target in the middle of a fight.

The only paladin spell I'm using it for is Turn Undead. I imagine it will be a lot more useful on my warlock.

Edit: Patch 2.1 has apparently changed how conditionals are handled. I've edited the macro above.


  1. I could see this being useful for healing as well, leave the focus on your MT or OT and have an easy way to target him, holy shock/flash heal, then continue healing your current target. Though i'd probably change the buttons around a bit.

  2. I have a similar macro, although mine doesnt seem nearly as text intensive and I use it mostly for seduce spam in instances. I usually prefer to keep my fear unfocused so that i can have some wiggle room as to who gets feared.

  3. hellfire, that's what the right-click is for. If you right click the icon, it would work exactly like an unmacro'd Fear.

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  6. thing is, i dont like to click. I have pretty much everything keybound...including summoning, healthstone, soulstone etc.

    btw, added you to my

  7. I find that having icons arrayed around the screen just clutters things and clicking them is far too slow.

    That said, I prefer the following macro because I can bind it to a key and include it in my 12x6 matrix:

    /clearfocus [target=focus, dead]; [target=focus, help]
    /focus [target=focus, noexists]
    /stopmacro [target=focus, noexists]
    /cast [target=focus] spell

    This macro does everything* whether by clicking or using a hotkey. It clears your focus if your old focus is dead or friendly, sets the focus to your current target, aborts if there is still no focus, and finally casts the selected spell on your focus. I no longer cast Polymorph directly.

    *There is really only one circumstance where this macro fails (that I can think of) and that is the rare case where you need to quickly use it on an add before your original focus is killed. I bound a /clearfocus key for this, but hardly ever need to use it.

  8. avandaara, it will also fail in the case where you to CC multiple targets.

    For example, a warlock may Fear, Banish, and Seduce, all in the same fight. In this case, it's vitally important that your focus not be changing.

    Or if a mage needs to Polymorph, Spellsteal, and dps another target.

    Similarly, a paladin healer might want to bind their focus to the main tank, but still want to use Turn Undead in an emergency.

    If you will only ever use focus for one spell, your macro is gorgeous. I prefer having the option to cast the spell as if it was unmacro'd.

  9. Aye.. could be. I've only used it as a mage with Polymorph as the only focus-relevant spell so the following might still be simply ignorance of what you need to do.

    In any case, you can use the above macro for multiple spells without it changing the focus. Each spell's macro would just differ by what spell gets cast on your focus. The focus wouldn't be changed by using a different spell (macroed or otherwise) even if you are targeting another unfriendly.

    The drawback, of course, is that you can't cast any of your macroed spells on a non-focus mob as an unmacroed spell if you have a focus set. Perhaps you could get around that by adding another line to catch a mouse click or a control/alt/shift key - a merger of sorts between what you posted and what I did.

    Anyhew, I suppose it just comes down to preference. I would go to great lengths to choose macros as keybindable as possible because that's how I interface best with the game. If you're quicker or more comfortable with clicking, I can see why this wouldn't be as attractive a macro for you.

  10. Eh, for healing I have come to use this macro:

    /cast [group, target=mouseover, exists] Spell; [group, target=player] Spell; Spell

    When I'm not in a group, it acts like a normal spell. If I'm in a group, it casts the spell on my mouseover target (my party member's health bar, usually). If I have no mouseover target (I usually just mouse over my own health bar to be sure) it'll cast it on myself.

    This is extremely helpful for me as an elemental/resto shaman, as it allows me to target an enemy mob and throw off lightning bolts if the tank isn't taking enough damage to require healing. This is often the case, I have a pretty good tank who doesn't need many heals on trash mobs unless something goes wrong, so it allows me to DPS in the meantime. My mana regen is crazy, and with the current state of shaman clearcasting and my high crit chance on lightning bolts, they might as well be free to cast. I'm enjoying it while I can, since it's being nerfed in the next patch :(

    But on my warlock, I use a seduce/spell lock macro much like the one avandaara posted:

    /clearfocus [modifier:alt]
    /focus [target=focus,noexists]; [target=focus,dead]
    /clearfocus [target=focus,help]
    /cast [pet:Succubus,target=focus,exists,harm] Seduction; [pet:felhunter] Spell Lock; Seduction

    The only time this one has really failed me is when I was seducing a mob in a second group that aggroed accidentally, and after we wiped and rezzed, the focus target was never cleared because that mob never died -- so the succy went on to seduce one from the other group. But it's my own fault for forgetting to clear the target.

    I don't find banishing requires a focus, since it lasts so long I usually don't need to refresh it. And it's very easy for me to find a feared mob, so that also doesn't require a focus (for me, anyway).

  11. Now this is a handy post... I also added you to my blog Coriel ::points at name for a link::

  12. i currently use this macro for my Earth Shield:

    #showtooltip Earth Shield
    /cast [target=focus]Earth Shield

    set to a keybinding, works well in groups and raids for keeping earth shield up without having to manually re-target the tanks..

    but this requires me to have a focus target, and thus can only cast Earth Shield on my focus target (aka: i'd also have to have the actual spell on my bar as a second button to cast on anybody else)

    what would the macro need to read to Earth Shield my focus target if i have a focus target specified.. but if i have no focus, to cast as normal?

  13. nvm, lol.. figured it out,

    #showtooltip Earth Shield
    /cast [help]Earth Shield; [target=focus]Earth Shield