Monday, May 28, 2007

Specs and Fun

It's interesting how much difference your choice of spec makes. Not just in terms of effectiveness, but also in terms of playstyle and fun.

Holy is boring me out of my skull. It's fine when I'm in a group, but is terrible when soloing. Judge/Seal every 10s, Holy Shock every 15s. Attacking only one mob at a time. I'm so looking forward to going back to Protection or Retribution.

I've also run into this same situation with a Rogue. I rolled a Rogue to act as a farming alt for Coriel, but I didn't like the way it was playing and abandoned it at level 20. Up till then I had been speccing into Assassination, with an eye on getting Mutilate.

I was thinking about picking the rogue up again, and I realize that what I didn't like about the rogue was that it moved so slowly while in stealth. I was avoiding stealth because of this, pulling with a gun, and generally not playing a rogue effectively.

So I looked at the Rogue trees, and noticed that there's a talent in Subtlety that increases your speed in stealth. One respec to Subtlety later, and my rogue is fun again, and I stealth all the time.


  1. My fiance levels characters like crazy (practically got a 60+ for each class), and his rogue was his last and most recent alt. He HATED the rogue class with a passion, just never had any fun with it. I had a level 30+ rogue at the time, and kept telling him to keep at it, since it gets a lot better (and more fun) once you get past the 20s. He finally decided to try it again, and now he has a level 59 human rogue, and LOVES it.

    Moral of the story, get to at least the mid-twenties or 30 before you give up on the rogue, it really starts to get fun later. I think it might be because you get a better rank of stealth somewhere around there that makes you move faster -- and cheap shot doesn't hurt either ^_^

    Personally, I found it to be similar with the mage class. I couldn't stand playing my mage when she was level 20, but when I stuck with it and got her to 30, I really started to enjoy it.

  2. Soloing with any healing class is painful. I play a healadin so I just don't solo. 5man's are fun and I'm exalted with the violet eye (wipes are fun) and I still have killed curator (cry)

  3. I solo fine as a healadin/shockadin wannabe. I spam consecration and do some AoE battles, etc. I'm constantly bubbling and healing or whatever. I'm sporting mostly mail earthfury lookalike armor for it's high crit ratings. It works out fairly well for soloing quests.

  4. always have the cheap speed enchant on the boots, its unaffected by the - speed percentage :)

  5. solo grinding as a holy paladin is the EASIEST and one of the fastest things in the world, its just most dont know how to do it properly, and hence, like every healer in their main tree, holy paladins complain, even though they are probably the most effcient grinder in their "heal" spec.

    If you want a full example of how to grind as holy...

    Ill give you a rediculous guide on how to do it.