Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ask Coriel: Healing Shields

Kashinboner of Aman'thul writes in:
Noticed on your armory that you have the Triptych shield...I got the 33 badge healer shield already when that dropped last week. I ended up deciding not to swap and the shammy got it for his healing set.

Wouldn't mind you thoughts on the relative strengths of the two...I am trying to stack MP5 at the moment, so it was a bit of a wrench letting the 8 MP5 go.

[Triptych Shield of the Ancients]
[Light-Bearer's Faith Shield]

Triptych is probably slightly better than the Badge shield. You lose about 13 +healing in exchange for 8 mp5 and a touch more sta, int, and armor.

That being said, they're very similar, and it's arguably better for your raid for you to keep your shield and let the shammy have this shield. That way your raid has two epic healing shields rather than just one. I'm a fan of spreading the wealth and trying to minimize the amount of loot sharded or disenchanted.

Now, if the Triptych was going to be disenchanted, then grab it, but I'd let other people take it (even for offset) first.

Realistically, the next major shield upgrade is [Aegis of the Vindicator] off Magtheridon.


  1. there's also the Enamelled Disk of Mojo from ZA off the dragonhawk boss!

  2. only reason i mention it, is one of our shammies has had TERRIBLE shield luck, and finally got an enameled disk. He was SO excited :)

  3. 8mp5 is huge for raiding purposes. Its at least 100% better than your current shield for any raid setting (10 minute long fight).

  4. Well don't forget he is a Paladin. I've seen the Tryptic shield lots and lots of time, but I've never swapped it with my Light-Bearer. Remember: if a Paladin has about 150/160 mp5 is just like a cap, he doesn't need more. So it's better to focus on +healing or +intellect which means +spellcrit