Monday, January 21, 2008

Comment Moderation Enabled

I've been having a problem with a gold seller spammer, so I've enabled comment moderation.

For Raph Koster, this is why Real-Money Trade is different than info sites and walkthroughs. The latter do not spam my website.


  1. I've got drug spammers on mine. Go Akismet!


  2. I'm having the same problem with my blogger site recently. You think they found a program that can read the visual verification message or does some poor chinese person just get paid 25 cents a hour to spam us?

  3. The verification code only pops up if you aren't logged into your own google account. The current crop of spammers seem to just make their own blogs, then set up their programs to make use of the fact that they DONT get a captcha image.

    Blogger should really let us force even fellow blogger users to enter a captcha, that would cut down on a lot of this, and its not THAT hard to put in a code every time you post.

  4. Goldsoon? Even my tiny blog got hit. :/ Moderation is a pita but there you go.