Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crossroads, Part II

I left my guild last night.

Don't really want to say much about it, except that the Guild Relations forum is right: If you are asking if you should leave your guild, the answer is always Yes. I ignored that advice, given to so many other posters, thinking that my situation was different. That was a mistake.

I'm not really sure what to do now. I could apply to another raiding guild. I could respec to Retribution and farm for my epic flying mount. I could wait for 2.4 and just do all the solo content. I could level an alt.

Ah well, maybe I'll use the free time to get caught up with posting.


  1. I'd definitely take a few days to consider what you really want from the game, and what role you want to play. All three specs are viable today, so pick the one you love. If your server is like mine, healers are in the most demand, but there are some T5 and T6 guilds around here looking for Prot Pallies as well.

    There's also the semi fresh start of WotLK coming up. It's a great time to level an alt up to 70 to be ready to go in time for that. I'll probably stick with my Tankadin as my main, but by the time WotLK drops I'll have my Enhance Shammy at 70 and ready to go, too.

    I don't know what caused you to leave your guild, but I wish you the best of luck in finding a place that will be a real fit for you. =D


  2. change is good. if you don't like where the dial stopped, spin it again. it may not feel 100% like change is good, but it is. leaving a guild is very much like a break up. you do need some time - how much depends on different people.

    take the time. don't rush into that next relationship! for now, enjoy the free-agent or non-raiding obligations.

    anyways, that's my recommendation. wow, how fun to be on the path to something new!

  3. It's actually not a bad time to be solo. My Pally isn't in a real guild at the moment (I'm wearing my bank alt guild tag over my head, just so I don't get spammed with /ginvites), and he's got a fair amount to do yet BEFORE even getting started on the new 2.4 dailies. (I also get an unsolicited /tell inviting me to tank an instance every other day or so.)

  4. Retribution is calling you! Come towards the light, and you will be rewarded with a large sword or hammer!
    I was in the same position a month or so ago, where things just weren't right in my guild, some drama with other guild members insued and I quit. I don't regret it at all. I feel like I have more of my time and life back.

  5. I've been without a group to consistently run content with for months now. When I did, it was great, but that group went away for what I assume were RL issues.

    What I've found is that every "guild" run I get into now as a pug has guild drama. Folks cussing each other in Vent, and general chaos. It's making me lean stronger and stronger to Ret.

    If you can find a good guild to join, and that appeals to you, by all means do, but, in the meantime, enjoy the solo time, farm the gold and rep, farm the honor and arena points, and just do things for yourself.

    Pug if ya want to.. but don't get sucked back into the drama...

  6. Pfft, I ground out my epic flight money as holy!

  7. Changes inspire posts, I find!

    Except when I'm not sure how to post about the changes. Perhaps reading about your new adventures, as I'm sure you've got a decent rep on your realm and will be invited to a great group soon, will inspire me too.

    Thanks for the comment on my pet :) While this isn't the same one, SnipSnap was the name of the very first pet I had (I went scorpid while my friends went boar) so it was fun to have another at 70 :)



  8. First determine "what do you want to do?"

    All actions will follow after that.

    If you want to heal higher level raid content then you'll need a new guild.

    If you want to try out tanking you may not need a guild initially (depending on the quality of your tanking gear) but eventually you'll probably want a new guild.

    If you want to amass buckets of money in preparation for WotLK then you'll probably want a speedy mount and farm to your hearts content.

    If you want to become famous as the crazy collector of green boots.. you probably don't need a guild.

    What do you want out of the game? What makes it fun for you? What is it that hasn't been fun that you want to eliminate? What have you never done that you've always wanted to do?


  9. D'oh!

    For farming, I had a much easier time as Prot, especially when I was doing the Netherwing dailies. Ret's good, but hard unless you've got good gear.

  10. It's a pity you're not horde, my BT/Hyjal guild is looking for a retribution pally. Perhaps a respec might be a good change of pace, given your love for the hybrid aspect of pallys?

    Good luck with things.

  11. A good opportunity to setup your next set of goals! I am a big fan of having a written goal list. It helps on the focus and motivation front.

    And of course catch up on your posting. :)

  12. Oh, tough decision, that: I just left my guild of over two years on my warrior yesterday as well, after thinking for weeks that maybe I was just overreacting and the atmosphere in /g wasn't really that bad. Posted a nice "need some fresh air, don't agree with all that happened here also" post on guild forums (yes, really that noncommittal, no names, just a little longer), and the only reaction I got was a "you won't be missed, gj leaving before we would have demoted or kicked you anyway" message from the guild leader. Feeling very free now at the moment, even if I joined my alts' guild already. A lot of weight dropped from my shoulders, it seems.

    But to get back to you: well, what the others said: think about what you want (spec alright? raiding a desire or maybe not really anymore?) and then just do it. Your monthly fee, get out of the game what you want.

  13. Blizzard is doing a great job to give lots of oppertunites to people not in raiding guilds. Here is my suggestions:

    1. Grind 75k honor for season 4. The honor epics (bracers, belt, boots, ring, neck) are very strong and rival T6 in quality.

    2. Get on arena teams and bank 5k arena points for season 4. Arena can be a lot of fun. Make a 3v3 and 5v5. Arena gear is very strong, especially for healing Pallys.

    3. Grind up as many badges as you can. 2.4 is bringing T6 quality badge loot and you'll want to get started on it now.

    I'd start by doing the Heroic Daily and Battleground Daily every day. You get almost $40 for those two dailys, and you pick up extra honor and badges.

    I found that finding a few friends to just get together and do BGs, Arena, and Heroics every day is much more satisfying than the politics and stress of being in a raiding guild.

  14. Given your history of raiding, I would suggest a new raiding guild if you're not burned out on raiding. I don't know the specifics of why you left, but I'm sure you can find a good guild.

    If you're looking for a change in playstyle, might I recommend going Shockadin? It seems to be closest to a hybrid spec paladins have under your definition.

  15. I'm sorry to hear about your trouble coming to a head. Making a move like that is always difficult. My advice? Don't rush into anything. Take a little while to see what feel right. If that ends up being joining a raid guild, then make sure it's the right one. Take your time and I'm sure it will end up working out even better then you would have guessed.

    Good luck!


  16. When I left my guild earlier this year, I stayed unguilded for a few weeks, ran PUGs, did dailies, got my Netherwing and whatnot. In the end I got picked up by a new guild who seemed like mature and funny and skilled people - and yes, they are all of the above.

    On my server, tanks and healers are always in high demand, so you could collect a prot set while doing heroics for badges. You could also do the same while going ret, and hit people hard in PvP.

    You could also level a horde alt, kill your former guildmates in PvP and have lots of fun on the way. That's what I did when I was burned out of the game two years ago.

    You could also do nothing, wait for WotLK, unlock a Death Knight and play that guy. Although I have to admit that I like my current char too much to give him up for some undead dude, how noble his intentions might have been.

    Above all, breath. Blog. Enjoy life.

  17. You could always transfer to Bloodhoof and learn Vashj with my guild.

    But in the meanwhile I suggest you start learning/practicing PVP and Arena, it'll make you a much more flexible player for any future content Blizz puts out.

  18. I left my guild a couple of days ago, too.
    I was getting really annoyed with some of the raiding aspects of our guild.
    It was a hard decision, but having made it, I feel quite relieved now.

    I think I will take a break from raiding for a couple of weeks at least, do some 5 mans, do dailies to earn some money, and see if I can meet some decent people in the meantime who might invite me to their guild (already turned down one invite).
    Life moves on - nothing stays the same. Look forward to the nexst challenge, etc etc.

  19. Or you could play your warlock a bit so as to master it as well as you have your paladin. I hear that guild you're in on the horde side could really use another player with a love for this game and will to succeed.

  20. Been afk just checking back in here. Long time reader rarely a replier.
    Sounds like ya been doing the holy thing for awhile.

    Your ret gear is solid, go kick butt and take names. Perhaps not the most progression oriented choice but nothing relieves stress like pound pixels,looting stuff and moving on to do it again.

    Could always get your BG on :)

    Or the horde can always use more sweet BE Pally power...

  21. I have a guild which is pretty nice. I can't raid. The raid timings don't match me. So, what can I do.

    I still do kara once in a while - all the way to prince. I recently got my epic flying mount. I am lvling up engineering for the heck of it. I am also lvling up a horde druid and a lock (on pvp, i usually play pve).

    Options abound a lot. Just chill, and play the game for what it is meant to be - to enjoy.