Friday, May 23, 2008

Fun and Raiding Video

Theoretically, this is still a WoW blog, so I may as well make a WoW post.

Apropos of our discussion on raiding and fun, comes this video of a Kil'jaeden attempt by <V A N Q U I S H>:

I like this video, because often raiding is a "quiet" sort of fun (except when a boss dies and Vent breaks out in cheers). You need to keep quiet in order to make sure that the raid leader can be heard. The surprise and outright delight in this raider's voice at the end is something that we all feel, but often don't give voice to, and thus is not really communicated to non-raiders.

It's sort of appropriate that this comes from a very hardcore guild, on the last encounter of the last raid in the game. It is heartening to see that even at that level, raiders still have fun.

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  1. I swear there is a
    V A N Q U I S H guild on every server, usually an Alliance guild.