Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ask Coriel: Magic-Immune Mobs

Jupis asks:
Well,recently,I encountered a problem. I was MTing Karazhan,and we reached the room after Curator(Before Aran,where the Journal of Medivh quest is).I was terrified of the fact that the mobs there are magic immune,since as a Paladin tank,I can't generate threat with just physical power. Luckily enough,my druid Off Tank picked them up for me,and got the whole deal done,while I was standing aside,shamed that I could not have helped the group.

This leads to my question:

A) Are immunities same as resistances for mobs? Would spell penetration of any kind would help?

B)Although they don't hit hard,they still do hit.If I can't control agro,it means damage on DPS and healers,but all of our mages and warlocks couldn't do a think in that situation,for the very same reason.

How is this situation solved without a full physical team,or a non magic using tank?

A) Immunities are different than resistances. Spell penetration will not help against immunities.

B) In general, don't worry about it. These mobs don't hit hard enough to make it an issue. Your hunters, warriors, rogues, shamans can help tank these things. Just get everyone (including the mages/warlocks) in there whacking away with their weapons.

As well, you should use Seal of the Crusader when attacking the mobs. You still get threat from white damage, though not a whole lot. SotC will increase your white damage. Tab-target to hit different mobs. It should be enough threat to keep them off the healers.

Basically, no one should stand aside on these mobs. Just attack them with your physical attacks, focus fire, and they'll go down quickly.


  1. It doesn't matter what you do. The mobs drop threat about every 30 seconds. Everyone with a taunt should use it, Hunters can kite them a little bit. Just have your healers stay on top of the damage.

  2. For those I just put up Blessing of Might and use Seal of Blood. If you got a good normal 2H Weapon toting around its a good time to use it there. Thats what I do as well as have everyone else whacking away with their weapons at those mobs.

  3. Calinaomil -US Spirestone-11:52 AM, June 25, 2008

    Personally, if I'm MT'ing Kara, at that point, I'd either...A) Throw on some healing gear and help the healers out of they need it, or B) just kinda stand there. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do for that part

  4. I body pull those and let the physical DPS worry about them. Watch the mana and health bars during the 3-packs of worms, and you'll notice they don't move. The worms are not a threat, they're a distraction.

    I then use that time to set up the next pull and build threat on the next sentry.

  5. I usually equip a two-hander like Thunder or other high-dps weapon and just lolDPS. Seal of the Crusader is a good idea, and you can use BoP or healing aggro to try to corral them. If you've got an all-magic group, (no physical DPS at all), then these groups could take a while. Maybe a healy-druid could go kitty to tear them up.

    But yeah, even warriors can't really tank these guys because of frequent aggro drops.

  6. The only mob that currently give me headache is Vera Darkshadow of Illidari Council. For the most part, I tried not to fall asleep while tanking him, but every once in a while, he'll emerge from his vanish with a Blessing of Spell Warding, making him 100% immuned to magic. That's when the fun starts, and I need a hunter to misdirect it to me.

  7. As Anise said, they should be little more than a distraction.

    I personally pull them for the physical DPS and move on to something I can tank. That keeps the magic DPS on mobs they can hurt and the worms still go down at about the same rate. Curator to shade/illhoof can be a long stretch of trash and pulling like this also helps keep up your group's momentum.

  8. While not a good idea when doing Karazhan as a progression raid, a nice way to speed up trash pulls in that area is, when you're pulling the packs that ONLY have worms in them, bring a big robot with you.

    Have magical DPS get the robot down, and physical DPS get the worms down.

  9. Best thing I've found so far is to drag a nice big 2 hander with you and just go seal crazy as well as some engineering bombs (fragment or shrapnel I believe) also tend to deal physical damage.

    In fact you might want to look into engineering a little more for physical damage trinkets / items. A lot of them don't require engineering and some of them do physical damage rather than the typical fire damage.