Friday, June 13, 2008

L70ETC Music Video Contest

Blizzard's latest Music Video contest is over, and the winners can be seen here.

I sort of wish that Blizzard had used the same format as the 2007 Music Video contest (with the Ataris). I like L70 Elite Tauren Chieftain, and I'm not really a fan of the Ataris, but the 2007 contest produced much more interesting videos.

In particular, the song chosen in 2008 was a WoW-specific song about rogues, and the L70ETC models exist in the game. So we basically ended up with clips of L70ETC interspersed with Rogues doing roguey stuff. All the videos were very similar in content.

In contrast the Ataris' songs were much more abstract, not related to WoW at all, which required the filmmakers to do some interpretation. This lead to a wide variety of videos, which were much more interesting to watch.


  1. Agreed. If I had my paranoid hat on I'd say it was intentionally to produce "clips of L70ETC interspersed with Rogues doing roguey stuff" in order to make judging easy.

    I liked the more varied works produced by the Ataris contest as well. I was a fan of the "Frame of Mind" one myself. But then WoW music videos have all started to fall into the "shots of L70ETC interspersed with stuff" format, so there's always the possibility that this wouldn't have happened with a non-WoW song. Though even with "Power of the Horde" we'd have a more varied value for the Stuff part.

    My kingdom for an /airguitar emote.

  2. I don't think it was intentional. L70ETC is fairly popular with the WoW community, and Blizz did take a lot of flack for using/promoting the Ataris. Which was unfair to Blizz, in my opinion. Any real band they chose would get panned by some section of the audience.