Saturday, October 04, 2008

Warhammer Online: Public Quests, Redux


  1. That happens to me all the time. In fact, through beta and the head start I never won any PQ loot rolls regardless of the number of times I came in first for contribution.

    Then, after release I happened to be running past a PQ and noticed the tank was about to go down on the final boss, so I figured I'd help out as I had an almost full morale bar from grinding nearby. I tossed him my morale heal and kept running as the quest would be over soon anyway. A few seconds later, the little notification popped up in the upper, right-hand corner of my screen "You have placed first!"

    One heal, and I won the best loot bag.

  2. Dude. You got a Bronze in Contribution sooo...what did you expect really?

  3. I see nothing wrong with that screenshot. The system works!

  4. I see it as no different than running an instance in WoW and losing all the rolls. Sucks, but it happens.

  5. How accurately does that really track your contribution? Is that score a fair assessment of what you provided to the group?

  6. I don't know if the contribution was correct. I was there from the very beginning, and was always fighting.

    But a couple of the other players were higher level and presumably they were doing more damage. Also, I was playing single-target dps, not heals or aoe. But then again, apparently I got to tank the end guy, so I must have been doing a lot of damage. He did kill me at 10%, so maybe not being present for the end of the PQ hurt my score. (Empire really needs a tank.)

  7. I'm seeing more and more Warhammer posts and less Warcraft posts. realise it's a new game, but is this trend going to continue?
    I used to read your blog as a great source of paladin information, but lately...
    Might be time to unsubscribe.

  8. Would it change things if each "faction" had it's own tank, melee dps, ranged dps, and healing?

    Order and Destruction each appear to have identical amounts of each kind of class. (Swordmasters and Ironbreakers vs. Black Orcs and Chosen.) Dark Elves don't have tanks, after all, but the omission in only noted for Empire.

    I will agree though. It seems a stretch that a young High Elf Swordmaster, new to the game, will decide to forgo his elvish destiny of saving his island and make the trip to the Empire starting zone, via flight masters at the War Camps, to be available as a tank on the Public Quests. The first one out the door finds Empire fighting a giant.

    Now recently I did find myself in Empire lands looking for a Troll. I tanked/dps'd the PQ there for the gear. (Which makes me think, now, I can accumulate gear, I believe, if I simply travel PQ to PQ for each faction's Chapter. 3 PQ's for Chapter 3, 3 for 4, etc. I wonder if that'll work? Something to explore.)

    They did take care of this, to a degree, with the RvR scenarios in that all of them are available to everyone. So you'll have your tanks, and healers, and dps, all in the same scenario. (Or not. I don't know team selections are made "intelligently" or not.)

  9. Rohan, I've placed first several times now, but get screwed by the roll and end up with no loot at all. Placing #1 on contribution and getting outrolled by people afterwards and not getting loot is equally lame.

  10. It does depend on your style of play.

    Warhammer really is about RvR Scenarios, I think. I notice fewer players are going for PQ gear drops and rewards, which seem to be comparatively worth less, and going for the Reputation (RvR) rewards, which seem to be worth more. You can queue up 3 scenarios at once, then you are almost assured of getting a game up on most servers, and the balance seems to be relatively good because players are drawn from all classes. I once was in a Scenario that had mostly tanks and only one healer, who seemed more interested in healing himself, but that was an unusual game out of about 50 others that were well-balanced.

    Anyway, the PQ loot rolls are unfair, and I can't figure out why, but given the junk that is in them, I don't care. The fact you were killed does figure in, because you can't contribute while you are running back to the PQ.

    Also, you are looking at it from the POV of a solo player by saying a High Elf won't run to Empire territory to help. If you are in a guild, you can always ask for and get help.