Thursday, February 05, 2009


On Wednesday, Blizzard announced 3.1 changes to the Priest, Rogue, and Shaman.

On Thursday, Blizzard announced 3.1 changes to the Warlock, Druid, and Warrior.

Presumably, changes to the Hunter, Death Knight, Mage, and Paladin will be announced on Friday.

Traditionally, Blizzard announces nerfs on a Friday.


  1. Traditionally, but they just announced the mana regeneration nerf across the board and specifically, Divine Plea is gonna be the new Avenging Wrath...never used. It's going to be 50% healing reduction again (didn't they learn anything from the outcry during wrath beta?).

  2. Doh, I was just getting to used to having Divine Plea with my ret pally too.

  3. I wouldnt care if they nerfed all the classes down to pally standard gameplay. You know, using autoattack (which is your best dps) and having a bunch of nice to have but someone else does it better moves. Pretty soon they will remove autoattack and pallys will have to individually spam an attack button..


  4. I wish to channel the spirit of one sir Marcus Phoenix in my reply to your post:

    "AW, COME ON!"

  5. Traditionally? I guess I don't pay much attention to the day of the week Blizzard posts things.

  6. i was going to say the same thing... who writes down what day nerfs come on?!

    this is of course implying that you thing all the changes announced so far were huge buffs, which doesn't really seem to be the case so far...

  7. Lol, you guys have never noticed the Friday thing?

    Blizzard always does it. My theory is so the forums tire themselves out from QQing, and can respond to reasonable posts on Monday.

  8. Burying inconvienient news on a Friday is a staple of Government and Corporations the (western) world over. No reason why Blizzard should be any different.

    And for the record, glancing at my blog history I certainly seem to be posting about breaking nerf news on a Friday/Saturday rather than early in the week.

  9. Are you serious?

    Divine Plea to 50%?


    Speechless at this point.

  10. Yup, 50%

    and then later tonight they announced some of the paladin 3.1 changes in the works.

    -BoK is a base ability (FINALLY)
    -Exorcism damages any type of enemy, but autocrits demon/undead

    those were the big 2, but there's a few more. Sweet changes, unless the divine plea nerf goes through to live

  11. I don't see any (more) nerfs to paladins. Perhaps BoS would get hit, but mostly as a group thing, with warriors potentially getting an alternative and others being possible for other classes. If anything this could mean BoS as a passive ability, meaning one less blessing to worry about, and removing the problem of prot having two blessings, both that are very desirable.

    We already see the DP change. I can't see much else for Holy, especially considering they specifically mentioned NOT nerfing Illumination. There is the SA change, but I don't see that being too huge.

    If anything we're due for some buffs, such as SS scaling for ret.

    @Suicidal Zebra
    It's worth remembering that the WoW playerbase is semi-inverse to a normal population. It's at the end of the work week that we get ready for fun, including gaming. Also Fridays are generally less productive, perhaps because of a few million more workers on the forums.

  12. I suppose the thing that's interesting to me is that they're perhaps meddling with the wrong talent. As a disclaimer, I'm not a raider, nor am I decked out in epics. I've got over 18k mana unbuffed so it's rare that I have issues.

    When I do, though, there's one spell I always turn to that's incredibly powerful: Judgment of Wisdom. Since that works off your maximum mana and not your base, I get absurd mana regen, with no healing penalty. The additional benefits to judging also manifest since I've dabbled Ret with Holy.

    I use Divine Plea, and think it a good spell, but for PvE I find that JoW is really much more effective. It's a bit of a different bent on healing from what we who stand in the back are used to (why am I so close?!?!), but if it lets me heal the party during Sarth with constantly full mana, I'm all in.

    I have advocated a nerf to JoW for a while now, and I still do. I would almost prefer that to be nerfed instead of DP, but perhaps this is focused more on PvP healers?

  13. LOL, ret and prot buffed, holy nerfed.

    As a mage, rogue, druid, warlock, priest, hunter, warrior I run when I see a Ret pally.

  14. PVP is dead thanks to deathknights and ret palas...