Thursday, October 01, 2009

Retribution Nerf in 3.3

Edit: Whoops, I'm wrong. It's a tooltip correction. That's what I get for posting in haste.


  1. Surprise surprise...

    Frankly this doesn't surprise me in the least, in fact I was expecting something like this. The question is - what the hell do they plan to do in return? I mean - where's that interrupt we were gonna get? Perhaps some interactivity/linkage between our abilities?

    unlikely that we'll get either of those things ^ that I mentioned above until Cataclysm...

  2. Didn't you once post a link to a video which showed that they forced one to play a paladin?


  3. The "nerf" in question is just a tooltip clarification. SoCorr/SoV had those coefficients since February. In fact, SoV already uses the proper tooltip on live, it's just SoCorr that is updated.

    Typical MMO-Champion journalism, really. Fact-checking, apparently, is for casuals.

  4. Crazy happenings.

    If it really is a nerf, I wonder what they'll give Paladins for compensation.

    And to think, this is just for starters. Do you think they'll change the only good libram we've ever had into another lackluster, interchangable piece of equipment?

    As pessiemstic as it may sound, who knows what they have in store. We've got a whole testing session to hammer out the kinks. And, you know...pray we don't get stealth nerfed at the end of it all.


  6. if this is something that goes live, I don't think its a nerf to ret as much as yet another nerf to prot. unlike ret, protection paladins don't have extra points to throw into a holy tree and with the recent threat changes, I've already been tweaking my spec and gemming to compensate.

    Yes, I know that pre nerf pally threat was ridiculous, but it feels like they have seriously overdone it, kinda like the first nerf to BM hunters, then one that practically cut dps in half and had bm hunters standing around target dummies, speechless and reeling.

  7. Yet another example of why I basically gave up on my paladin after 3 1/2 years. I finally reached the point where I'm sick of the alternating buffs and nerfs that it's like playing DK Death Grip Ping Pong. BOHICA, folks!

    Now raiding on my tree/chicken druid. Frankly, if I'd rolled the druid first, I may never have rolled a paladin.

  8. @Forreststump: Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how many times druids have been nerfed over the years? The reputation Lifebloom has earned as the "most nerfed spell in the game" is well-earned. Just because a player wasn't actively aware of any given nerf doesn't mean it wasn't nerfed TO THE GROUND, BABY.

    Every class gets nerfed. You only care about your class because it's the one you play. That's totally natural, but the nerf cycle in WoW is a lot like the movie War Games. The only winning move is not to play. Well, either that or listen to the voice in the back of your head that says "X class is so imba!" Make the response to that voice "Then roll X and quit bitching." That's what I do.

    @Rohan: It's early. As in PTR notes have been public for two days. Calm down. Wait. See.

    Crikey, it's reaction like this that really makes me feel they need to take the "P" out of PTR.

  9. Not a nerf...just fixing the tooltip. And really, I love when people say "Blizz doesn't play my class"...sounds so uneducated. Of course they play your class. Just because you don't like what they do doesn't mean they don't "get it". EVERY class goes through nerfs AND EVERY class says "Blizz must not play my class" so is it just a bunch of monkeys in a room writing code for the game then?