Saturday, February 06, 2010

Top WoW Videos - #2 - Here Without You

The #2 video on my countdown is Here Without You by Dimoroc.

This video is one of the oldest WoW music videos. I think it might have been first one I saw.

It's a great storyline, which fits the song perfectly. The video also embodies the Forsaken extremely well. While some of techniques--notably the fight between Redsword and Dimoroc--are less advanced than videos today, a lot of the other effects match anything produced recently. Especially the cuts and fades, and the flashback sequence.

I love this video. It is simple and not especially flashy, but it just works.

Top Video List (so far):
  1. Here Without You
  2. Tales of the Past III
  3. The Craft of War: BLIND
  4. Big Blue Dress


  1. This was the first WoW machinima I ever saw, and still one of my favorites. Looking forward to seeing #1 - though if you pick Leeroy I think I'll stab myself. :)

  2. I'd never seen this before, and I must admit it was sad.

    Very well done.

  3. This wasn't the first (Creepy Doll was my first), but this one is my all time favorite. Excellent choice!

    - Polecat

  4. Can't wait to see your #1!

    I'm pretty sure that BLIND was definitely my first "I really liked that one" although maybe not the first one I ever clicked on.

    Now, I'd have to go with IMMT - that series is the bomb!