Thursday, April 22, 2010

Healing Dreamwalker as Retribution

The other night I got to DPS in Icecrown Citadel. When we got to Valithria Dreamwalker, I decided to try healing her specced as Retribution but in Holy gear.

The key talent that makes this idea possible is Sheath of Light. You get a really powerful HoT ticking away on Valithria, one that lasts for 12s while you are in the dream world. The other advantage you get is that Sanctified Wrath might let you get off an extra Avenging Wrath.

The raw total was very close to the healing I do as Holy, if not slightly higher. Holy Light did 54% of my healing, while Sheath of Light did 46%.

Of course, my Ret build is not designed for this. It is a regular Retribution build with DPS glyphs. You could do something like 23/5/43 and run Glyph of Seal of Light to completely maximize Dreamwalker healing. But it's really not necessary. It's just a fun thought experiment.

The other advantage that the Holy build has is that you can cast Beacon on Valithria and add extra healing to the raid. I've found that doing this is valuable at the very end of the fight, keeping the raid from being overrun.


  1. I've seen a Ret heal heroics this way. The Judgement of the Wise talent returns 25% of your mana on every judgement, so mana will not be a problem.

  2. worked like a charm on hc25er. thx.

  3. You can do this on heroic too??!

    Wow, it makes me sad that ret can perform so well even though it's supposed to be the DPS spec >.<

    I hope Cataclysm fixes that. Holy should be the best at healing out of all the trees, hands down imo.

  4. This is pretty sweet, I never even knew this was possible with my PAlly :o

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  6. @HP, it's really a Dreamwalker-only thing. The orb buff gives a lot of mana regeneration so Ret can keep up with the healing. There's a single main-target to heal. Beacon is greatly devalued because you can't use it while you are in the Dream. That means you can't count on Beacon healing the way you can in all the other fights.

    By and large, Holy is still the best healing spec.

  7. @Rohan, mana shouldn't be a problem for, since the Talent Judgement of the Wise returns %25 of mana. Beacon works good on the Dream walker fight, beacon the Dragon and heal the raid which can make a difference if the DPS gets behind on the adds.

    @HP, To effectively Ret heal you need a Holy gear set, so it's not like Ret can just stop DPS and become an effective healer halfway thru the fight.

    In general tho I think Ret pallies need to be aware that they can heal. During the air phase of BQL or any other time when there's a ton of raid damage and you can't DPS then hybrid class should be thinking how I can toss out a heal or 3.

  8. I Ret-spec / Holy-gear heal heroics all the time. Between overgeared tanks and overgeared DPS - what else is the overgeared healer supposed to do? :)

    To be honest, though, I never considered using that type of setup in a raid. Seems... wrong... somehow.

  9. As a Holy Paladin:
    Beacon Valithria and heal a hunter tank pet (+40%heal) in the middle of her -> Holy Light Splash Heal (glyphed)

    You are about 14% over your normal heal amount.