Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ask Mr. Robot

Here's a nice website I used the other day: Ask Mr. Robot

It allows you to load your character from the Armory, and then you hit an Optimize button and it tells you the best way to gem, enchant, and most importantly, reforge your gear. There's options to not use Maelstrom Crystals, etc.

I tried it out for my Retribution spec, because it was a big mess. Then I executed all the suggestions for reforging and regemming. Surprising, I could actually feel the difference when I went to do dailies in Tol Barad. Mobs were dying faster.

It managed to pretty much nail the hit cap with 8.01% hit (cap is 8.00%).

The defaults look pretty decent. They're taken from theorycraft sites like Elitist Jerks. But there's also the option to change the default stat weights to whatever you prefer.

So, Ask Mr. Robot. Very easy to use, and a very nice site to help optimize your character.


  1. I still liked Raider 101 a lot better, nowadays I'm missing the easy pointer for fresh 85s with all basic information.

    Ask Mr. Robot isn't bad, but my main needs are still covered by - which is better for Rogueas afaict.

  2. I've found that Ask Mr. Robot isn't all that bad for dps specs, but horrible for healing specs. This is likely a product of where they're getting their information - if you just read the 'guide' on the various healing specs from EJ you get some pretty bad disinformation that is only corrected deep in the thread itself.

  3. I tried it for my tank and it told me to reforge everything to parry, even over mastery... my suspicion is that it doesn't include the parry rating generated from strength, only the parry rating straight from gear. :(

  4. Mr Robot i svery good, but has a bit to go with allowing customisation to the desired result. Rawr is an alternative, but it will depend on which has the better settings fo ryour class/role - which you can only learn through experience.