Monday, April 04, 2011

Progress Updates

My guild is chugging along, moving into heroics. We're currently 4/13 with Halfus, Magmaw, Atramedes, and Chimeron dead. We're working on Maloriak at the moment. Of those listed, I've seen all but Magmaw.

The heroic fights are okay. They're like ICC heroics, just the normal versions with 1 extra mechanic and the damage dealt and dps required dialed up.

Truth be told, when WoW is over, I think we'll look back at Ulduar as the high point of raiding over the game's lifetime.

Loot-wise, I think Blizzard needs to pay a little more attention to where stuff drops. There are five different epic plate healing belts, including one from reputation and one from crafting. Yet there is only one epic plate healing bracer, and it drops from an end-boss.

Or healing weapons. Putting the two healing weapons paladins can use on the end-bosses was not a good choice. I think some care should be taken that end-bosses don't share item slots or types in their loot tables.

(I guess you can tell which two items I'm missing to finish i359.)

It would have worked if people cleared Blackwing Descent before starting on Bastion of Twilight. But sadly, people don't approach bosses in that manner when multiple raids are available. They bounce around in order of difficulty, and you can almost guarantee that all the end-bosses will be killed at the very end.


  1. There's actually a "healing weapon" from all three end bosses, as Al'Akir has a chance to drop Intellect and Agility Swords.

    Our Holydin is also still missing those bracers.

  2. I think you're probably right about Ulduar (although I'll always have fond memories of Karazhan). I remember saying when Cata launched that I thought people would say Wrath was the best of the WoW expansions, in retrospect.

  3. i agree, same problem here with the bracers :) and the healing mace was a drag to get, struggling at first to down cho'gall and nef for it.

  4. I think they are trying to fill in some of these gaps with the new 353 iLvL stuff that drops from the new heroics.

  5. Don't make me cry with the "no healing weapon": I have a healing weapon that you could use too. Has it since December. It has
    +17 intellect
    +25 stamina
    -86 spirit (yes, that's bad)
    +11 crit rating
    +225 spell power

    Go and find some guy on /trade for 5 wins!

  6. Agreed on the bracers, ive killed chogall 7 times and i have yet to see the bracers. They did not think very hard on loot placement. Dump all of our crap on end bosses/ go to lunch.

  7. The way my guild is going, I'm afraid I'm never gonna SEE those end bosses before Firelands comes out, let alone be allowed to sniff at any healdin loot. :(

  8. I guess I'm one of the lucky few. Cho'gall was the first of the three end bosses we killed, and he had a potential of four pieces of loot that could drop that were useful to me. The bracers were one of them, but I was kind of hoping he WOULDN'T drop them right away because I'm the only healer that could use them and I didn't want him to drop a whole bunch and watch them get DEed kill after kill. So of course, our very first kill I got my bracers, which I was happy about, but figured he could have dropped some mace/trinket action (things that three to four people needed). Surprisingly, eight kills later, I've yet to see the bracers again, and we're upto three maces now; the bracers are a pretty low drop rate, and it's kind of a dumb piece of gear to put on an end boss. "Yay, I got my bracers, the last thing I need to get epiced out!"

  9. Ugh- I share your pain. I still haven't seen either the mace or the bracers. :(

  10. Bracers are clearly the slot that is hardest to fill in this tier. They're rare and hard to get both in epics and blues. I suspect that blizzard did this intentionally so as not to make gearing too easy.

    I would be that with the next tier of gear Bracers will be so common that they'll practically be giving them away on the streets of Stormwind and another slot will be nearly impossible to fill.

    After all, Blizzard needs to give the blogosphere something to complain about, don't they? :)

  11. Or tanking weapons... and don't even get me started on something for the ranged slot for warriors!