Friday, December 16, 2011

[SWTOR] Queue Troubles

I got into the head start of SWTOR on Wednesday. But Wednesday is our raid night, so I decided to just play for bit after the raid night. I rolled an Imperial Agent on a server, did the first couple of quests, and got to level 3. Then I logged off for the night.

On Thursday evening I log in, excited to get a good stretch of playing time in, and was confronted with a 30 minute queue.

Personally, I can't stand queues, so I ended up rolling characters on different servers. I tried a Jedi Knight, but found it to be boring. So then I rolled a Sith Inquisitor and ended up taking her to level 10 and finishing the starting area.

So now I have a bit of conundrum. Should I continue with the Inquistor, or try for the Agent? My initial plan was to have the Agent as my main.

In hindsight, maybe I should have just stuck out the queue. I wonder what I'm going to do if both servers have a queue tonight.

How do you deal with queues?


  1. I usually deal with queues by waiting in them. I'm fairly patient.

    Right now I'm #900 in the queue. I think I'll go have a bath.

  2. I hate them too. However, last night I was 254 in queue, then all of a sudden, I was in. On one of the "high" servers.

  3. Hmmmm, I simply avoid queues by not playing at launch time :)

    Maybe I'll try SWTOR, but not in the near future.

  4. I played in 3 Beta Weekends and I *still* don't know what my main will be- I've truly enjoyed all the classes up through about lvl 15, maybe beyond that I'll start seeing one seperate itself for me. Anyway, I got a queue last night on the server I'd started on the other day and just like you I jumped to a lower pop. server to get in the game right away. I guess at some point I'll just wait the queue out, goodness knows I've waited for my share of them in WoW, lol.

  5. Queues just annoy me. Patience is not fun when your eager. In the meantime I look through my swtor strategy guide, im up to lvl 23.

    Here is the link to the Review Site of the swtor guide:

  6. I go make some hot chocolate. That will take about a minute and a half,... Then I dissolve a peppermint in it. Then I want something cold, which means ICE CREAM!

    I then repeat the rotation until I'm in. :)

  7. Plan ahead if possible. Xmas 2005 on Blackrock US, I got home queued up, went out for a swim, checked the queue, went out and had a coffee. Came back and my queue was about to pop. 2 hours 15 minutes.

    But I eventually quit the server after server issues caused 3 hours of queues in a single night.

  8. 4 hours now... thinking about just sending the game back uf nothing changes next week. whats the point in a game you cant play cause you have some kind of life... you know... work and shit like that.

  9. Ques are definitely frustrating.I just que up a go putter around the house. There is always something needing to be done. I pop in to check it every 5-10 minutes.
    It will take them time to get this all sorted. Its a big launch title. When the main launch on the 20th goes, the que times could be interesting. Especially with the holiday break.
    Good luck and happy gaming.

  10. It's a great time to be an MMO gamer, Starwars: TOR is my current fix, still in the early access phase, I'm having a hard time with the LAG! FPS is way down, might be time to upgrade the GPU. Good artical as always.

  11. My pattern is log in in the morning before work (no queue), play for half an hour.
    When I come home I log in (1 - 2 hour queue), start WoW on my other monitor, and LFR my alts or do dailies etc.
    Best of both worlds.