Monday, February 27, 2012


So I'm mostly playing The Old Republic these days. I haven't logged into WoW for a few weeks now. I guess I'm probably just going to let WoW ride until the Mists of Pandaria beta, and then see what's what.

In The Old Republic, I'm mostly leveling a couple of alts: a Sith Inquisitor and a Republic Trooper. Ironically, I found out that my 50 Sniper is on one of the few Republic-dominated servers, which really hasn't helped any foray into endgame.

It's very interesting, playing in a transient fashion after playing in an extended structure for so long. There is a curious amount of freedom. You can come and go as you please, do other things if you want to. Yet, I think there's a hollowness to it. It's like being in a single player game with some occasional chat. I do miss working in a group towards a common goal.

And yet, I'm not sure if I miss it enough. Enough to make it worthwhile to find a new guild and adjust to a new schedule.

In other games, I'm looking forward to Mass Effect 3 and Diablo 3.  In MMOs, I guess we'll see what releases. Guild Wars 2 looks to be doing some interesting things, as does The Secret World.


  1. "In The Old Republic, I'm mostly leveling a couple of alts: a Sith Inquisitor ..."

    I wonder if the blog's name will temporarily change from Blessing of Kings to Mark of Power. =)

    (It's good to read thats you're enjoying SWtOR by the way.)

  2. "And yet, I'm not sure if I miss it enough. Enough to make it worthwhile to find a new guild and adjust to a new schedule."

    Welcome to the world of casual raiding. I get this cognitive dissonance a lot myself, I enjoy not being tied down to a schedule (that wouldn't fit with my work commitments anyway these days), but I also enjoy hanging out with the same group of players, and raiding in an unstressed environment (as far as it ever can be.) Trying an Op this week just confirmed to me that I do genuinely enjoy raiding, it's just all the hardcore stuff around it that I can't be bothered with and dno't have time for.

    The trick, if there is one, is totally in finding a guild that will support that playstyle. And learning to shrug off the feeling that you should be progressing faster.

  3. Just logged into; I have 24 days play time remaining. I don't know what to do. My Sage is level 48, on Ilum, finally completed my class quest. Realm is completely dead, especially on Rep side. Yeah I tried lvling Imp. When I play Imp I just don't feel right, just like when I play Horde. What should people like me do?

    I had my period where I played SWTOR. My guild had a bad start in DS despite having a lot of FL HC gear. Biggest problem was the AFKs in december. We adapted, now its going OK (we're stuck on ship HC). Love playing HCs in guild, and I much more enjoy playing my alts on WoW than playing SWTOR. PuGing DS10 is easy now. The challenge for me is to complete DS on normal difficulty on my alts (thus far, the score is 7, and always pulled my weight; after I am done I don't do again btw!!).

    The ability to not listen to music while playing SWTOR (I only need sound in WoW for things like clearcasting, "combo points" from hearkitty, and maybe vchat but can be combined) has become a minus. Yeah, you can skip the dialogues or just read the text but then you skip THE feature of the game IMO. It also all depends on the people you play with, and in contrast to you I really miss playing with other people even whilst lvling. There is just nobody to do the instances with, and I am a flippin' healer supposedly in demand! I'm not going to waste my time standing idle somewhere LFG. And since there are no Rep realms AFAIK I rather just quit the game, maybe come back later.

    I am also preparing myself for MoP by making some more gold. After all, leveling the alts costs gold (don't plan on lvling them all but the new talent tree system seems amazing).

    I look forward to D3, MoP, and as of yesterday also GW2. I mean the name GW2, it never attracted me at all, but I read into it and figured out "what's in a name". Just give me a fantasy MMO with the graphics quality and difficulty of TW2 and I'm sold.

    While WoW is certainly not perfect wwhat makes WoW wow for me? My guild and my realm. Absolutely one of the best realms to PuG on, and my guild has a positive atmosphere, we're a bunch of friends, and we are pretty casual (raid 3x a week, many have 2x attendance due to RL and we work with this).

  4. @Fn0, there are Republic-dominated realms. Try Wall of Light.

  5. I've been lucky enough to get into guild with a bunch of old guildmates and raiders that no longer play WoW(a few still do). We have finally over the past month hit critical mass with enough level 50s to do some operations once a week.

    When we started the guild we made a point to not schedule multiple raid nights, to be flexible and try our best to be "casual" players. The funny thing is that the way we raid is not casual at all, and we are now clearing end game content with some consistency, without much daily grind, and it is usually always a good time.

    Maybe its the smaller raid size of 8 people, or just the group of people I am playing with, but I find myself looking forward to the one night I raid a week in SWTOR far more than the 2 nights I log into WoW to raid.

    Also, I've noticed that in the Old Republic, at least on my server, there are a lot of people out there with no guild and a lot of previous raiding experience, just no one currently to raid with, so if you need an extra, give them a shot, it may be well worth it.

  6. Seems an American realm. I'm from Europe. But I don't even want "dominated", I'd be good with 50/50 with some activity. My current realm is just dead. If anyone knows a realm with some Rep activity in Europe I keep myself recommended. Might as well pay for a realm transfer and enjoy those 24^H3 days.