Monday, April 30, 2012

[Eve Online] A Weekend in Jita

Jita. The largest trading hub in Eve Online.  You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

At least, that's the case if you go by the local chat. Honestly, this was worse than Barrens chat, with multiple people spamming macros of repeated chat, ascii graphics, scams, and all other sorts of foolishness.

Like many others in Eve, I heard about the Goons attack on Jita this weekend and thought that I would go see it for myself. I'm just flying a Catalyst destroyer, so I figured that even if I died, I could replace my ship easily.

There were a lot of people in Jita, about 2000 or so. But nothing much seemed to be happening. Maybe I play at a different time than when all the events go down. There were a lot of ships flying around, and occasionally CONCORD (the NPC police) would blow someone up. I thought I would try and join the action, and targeted someone who was a yellow skull to me. But when I went to fire, I got a warning saying that CONCORD would attack me, so I didn't fire. I guess yellow isn't bad.

All in all, my time in Jita was pretty boring. I did like watching a fleet of about 30 Hurricanes set up some sort of interdiction net around the gate to the Perimeter system. That looked kind of cool.

But ultimately, after a couple hours in wandering around Jita, I got bored and went back to my usual mission-running systems.

After that, I thought I would make a mining alt. But when I started the alt, the game informed me that I could only learn skills on one character at a time. I wonder what the point of having multiple characters on a single account is with that restriction. Is it worth losing a month or so of skill time on your main to skill up an alt? It seems like I could just spend that month (or less because I already know some skills) and learn those mining skills on my main.


  1. The point is to get you to open a second account. :)

  2. Yes, but then why offer the two extra character slots? Why not just have one character slot per account?

  3. Alts on the same account are traditionally used for activities that don't demand much in the way of skills. Scouting, trading, stuff like that.

  4. Alts on the same account are good for short term surgical training that don't take all that long to train.
    They also good for scouting/intel or using them for logistics.

    You must have been in Jita at the wrong time maybe.

    If you have never tried to commit a unlawful action before you will always get a popup screen about concord action or going to low sec or anything such asking you if you really want to do this. You can select on the popup to never have it show up again also. At which time if you ever do it again you never see the popup screen and you commit the act instantly whatever it is.

  5. The other, non-learning characters are good for trading, scamming, scouting, manufacturing, researching.

  6. At some point, you may want to "stop skilling" on a character because of clone costs, as well.

    Once you can fly the ship you want with the fit you want, may as well get some skills elsewhere.

  7. About the only place there was action all the time was at the undock at the Caldari Navy Assembly Plant and Jita Planet IV moon 4. Stuff was going on around there all the time. That was pretty much the sarlacc pit of the system. Even if nobody was getting blown up, there was the disco bhaghorn and a rainbow laser show of people shooting the monument.

    Mining in pairs is always a good plan. Get you main some hauler skills and start your new alt on the mining path.

  8. In the standard Overview setting, only people/ship that have a red background on their icon in the overview are free kills in High Security Space, otherwise any hostile actions you take on others may result in Concord blowing you up.

    wiki eveuniversity org/Overview is great at helping a person set up and might help with understanding the overview.

  9. This is a terrible month to start mining. Hulkaggeddon is here.

  10. About using the other character slots: here is someone who makes full use of all the characters on two accounts. You can (reasonably easy) train the two "unused" ones to be able to do manufacturing, Planetary Interaction or trading (a bit of spare cash is handy to buy the sometimes expensive skill books that are usefull for those professions).