Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shocking Paladin News from Beta!

Blizzard has changed the spelling of Judgement to "Judgment"!

Confirmation from Ghostcrawler himself can be found here.

Damn Yankees and their laziness. Dropping perfectly good letters from words. Rush, rush, rush, but are you really getting anywhere?

In seriousness, paladins with macros might have to watch out when Pandaria or 5.0 hits. It's likely that any macros invoking "Judgement" will stop working.


  1. I was scolded by one of my law professors (in the US) once for spelling it "Judgement", WoW had lead me astray for so long...

  2. I'll keep calling my colours and judgements correct, thank you very much.

    How many cycles did they waste on this?

  3. I wonder if that also affects the enGB client we have in Europe.

  4. To be honest, it always riled me to no end that it was spelled "incorrectly" (from my point of view). In a job where I constantly had to explain to my students that creative spelling wasn't likely correct spelling (thanks to advertisers trying to make words more "cool"), seeing such a popular game "misrepresent" the spelling of a common enough word made me, on very rare occasions when I remembered to notice it, nuts.

    This probably tells you more about me than I'd like, but there you are, all the same.

    Sorry, Brits. At least you went
    with Yanks instead of colonials...

  5. I sure hope they have a flag in their macro codes that covers both spellings. The change itself in macros wouldn't be hard --cut and paste-- but the testing would be a royal PITA.

  6. Oh, but will you be getting a new icon? :P

  7. A new Judgment icon would be a slap in the face to all current paladin players.

    I think we got new icons for a lot of other spells, but Judgment is still old-school.

  8. The term "waste of resources" comes to mind. This is probably the definition of fixing something which is not broken. >_>