Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The last few weeks have been pretty crazy for me in real life. I've barely had time to play games, let alone write about them.

Hopefully life has stabilized and I will be able to write more soon.

The Old Republic

TOR launched it's F2P shop and a new companion quest. I haven't bought anything from the store. The thing is that I just don't care about cosmetic gear. My entire bank is filled with moddable rifles and gear, but I'm just wearing the latest gear I have.

I haven't finished the new companion quest yet. I've done the first part, which includes an entire "puzzle" segment aboard a ghost ship, with almost no combat. Instead it's like an adventure game. It was pretty fun, and very atmospheric.

World of Warcraft

I haven't played WoW very much either. No time, really. As well, I have some sort of crash issue that comes up randomly on fights. It happens very often in LFR, once or twice on a boss fight in a dungeon run, and very rarely at other times. It's actually really annoying, because it is so inconsistent. All my drivers are updated and everything.

Maybe it's a sign that it's time to upgrade my computer.

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  1. Try the old remedy which worked to fix Cataclysm beta crashes: clear out the Cache and Data/Cache directories. At times files in there get corrupt and the consequences can be bad.
    (If you're paranoid about deleting stuff, rename them Cache.old)