Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tip: Scenario Queues and LFR

Tip: You can do Scenarios while in queue for Looking For Raid/Dungeon.

It's not well publicized, and the UI doesn't really explain this, but the scenario queue and LFR/LFD queues are concurrent.  If you queue for both as dps, your scenario will pop up almost immediately  When you’re done, you’ll be 15 min further into the LFD/LFR queue. Sometimes that’s enough to put you at the head of the line, putting you in LFD/LFR immediately.

Basically, you can spend the time waiting in queue for LFR/LFD by doing scenarios instead of dailies (or trolling trade chat, etc.) if you prefer.


  1. You can also queue for LFD and LFR and bgs at the same time.

  2. Interesting. I thought they didn't like to let you queue for multiple forms of content at the same time for fear that you'd leave a group high and dry when the thing you really wanted popped. Are they just counting on astronomically high DPS queue times to keep that from happening?

  3. The LFR/LFD queue won't actually pop while you are inside the scenario. It's more like you "re-enter" the LFR queue, but are inserted in the front (or wherever you should be according to time spent) when you exit the scenario.

  4. You can queue for a scenario, and LFD, and LFR, all three at the same time.