Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Amazing LFR Group

I just got out of the best LFR group I've been in for a long while. It was a true LFR group, with people from several servers. It didn't seem to be a quasi-guild group.

It was for the first 3 bosses in Throne of Thunder. Jin'rokh - one shot, only one death. Horridon - one shot, one death. Council - one shot, zero deaths.

No one behaving badly in chat. No elitism or stupidity. No fighting over strategies. People doing what they were supposed to. Just clean and efficient execution.

I'm still ecstatic over that run.


  1. Early in the week you tend to get more normal-mode raiders looking to pick up some VP or the odd upgrade before the week's scheduled raids. Later in the week, and on the weekend, there are more casual players who are less familiar with the fights and less accustomed to taking direction from group leaders.

  2. I find it sad that it's remarkable to finally get a group of people whose key attribute is that all they did was what they ostensibly play the game for.