Sunday, July 14, 2013

Battlefield Barrens

I finally finished the Battlefield Barrens weekly quest and got my Hordebreaker title. I am not sure if I liked the process or not.

When I started the quest, I saw that you needed 150 of each commodity, and mobs were dropping only 1 commodity per mob, so I gave up rather quickly. Not to mention that early on it was pretty buggy because of phasing or cross-realm zones.

But today I decided to just finish the weekly, and actually got a bit caught up in it. It was fun killing orcs until a champion spawned, and then flying from champion to champion. Or escorting a random caravan every so often.

It felt very old-school, this farming. No quests, no rigid guide-rail to hold your hand. I think it would have been very nice in a small group. Trying to heal while I was solo was a bit annoying.

I don't think I'd want to do this all the time, but doing it once was an interesting change of pace.

I did like the way the rewards were structured. You do it once, and you get a pet. If you like farming, you can farm more and get gear or other items.


  1. The bosses are all way to hard. They hit like a truck and don't telegraph their big attacks enough to allow you to dodge them. It's impossible (yeah, someone probably did it but that's not the point) to kill them without a trinity group.

    Now if you don't have a group it's very likely that a bunch of people are there but you can't group because everyone is in an LFR queue. Or some are of the opposing faction. And the WoW interface is terrible for healing someone outside of your group.

    These bosses should be more like scenario bosses and not hit like challenge mode bosses. It should be possible to kill them by dodging their attacks and not require healing.

    Or WoW should offer an ad-hoc raid frame where everyone in range is automatically added.

  2. Overall I found the Barrens boring. The grind was just a grind, and very buggy when I did it, and the bosses were very simple. As a Blood DK with 0-2 DPS (depending on who was on at the moment) I'd just grab them, drop Army, pop ghoul, and treat it like a silver elite. Within a few minutes people would start piling-on. Some interesting skills but nothing dangerous enough to require external healing.

    Something like the 5.1 or 5.2 grinds would have been far better.

  3. I really like this method of farming/grinding better as well. I pretty much skip the grinding areas and just kill commanders while I wait for LFR queues.

    I run commanders as shockadin. Many of them can be kited if someone uses a slow, and the AOE heal from Holy Prism isn't limited to group members (which helps a lot with healing). You can focus the tank if there is one to throw heals or put up SS, without having to group up. The censure debuff is also useful if you don't have a real tank in the group. =)