Thursday, August 15, 2013

Diablo III Expansion Speculation

Blizzard is starting to put out teasers for the D3 expansion. Here is the first teaser image: Reaper of Souls.

This means it's time to start speculating about the expansion. Here's my wish list:

1. Two new classes, including the Paladin

I'm biased of course, but I'd love to see the paladin come back. D3 could really use another class that emphasizes melee weapons and armor.

The second class could be the necromancer, or maybe the druid, or even something totally new to Diablo. Actually something totally new would be cool, so we'd have one returning class and one new class.

2. A No-Trade, No-AH mode

I'd like to see another game mode, like Hardcore with its separate stash, only without trading and the AH. I think the AH hurt D3, and I'd like to see what the game is like without it.

Introducing a new mode with the expansion also creates a new level playing field for everyone to compete in.

3. Allow Hardcore characters to transfer to Normal mode on death

This one is shamelessly stolen from Path of Exile. When a hardcore character dies, transfer it to Normal mode. That way the hours of work that was put in is not completely wasted. I think this might encourage more people to play hardcore mode.

On the other hand, part of attraction of hardcore is the "sting" of losing a character. Maybe reducing the risk will make hardcore less thrilling. Maybe having the character lose all her gear would be a good compromise. Or maybe it would be better to just leave it alone.

Those are the three (or two and a half) ideas I'd like to see in a D3 expansion. What would you like to see?


  1. I guess that means that the name for the expac is the one that Blizz registered: The Dark Below.

  2. I'd love to see the paladin in D3, I'm very partial to the melee classes so I'm with on being a bit biased. A steam punk gunslinger would be cool, but that just doesn't fit into the genre.

  3. I don't think Paladin has a place in D3, its playstyle wouldn't be much different from Barb. Unless, of course, it would be made passive aura specialized class like in D2, which is unlikely to appear in D3 at all.

    The summoner of some sort (like Necro or Druid in D2) might be added as it's a missing playstyle.

  4. Point 1. - Characters
    The Paladin would be interesting, mainly because the church of Zakarum (spelling?) is somewhat disgraced since D2.

    So A Paladin seeking redemption of his order, who has wandered since the events of D2 would be really interesting.

    We know Necro's are still around too, you help the apprentice of D2s Necro in act 2 in an event. They fit quite well.

    but I'd rather see something new, so if I had to choose between Paladin and Necro - I'd go Pally every time, was always my favourite class in D2. And bring something new to the table.

    Perhaps a loremaster / Bard type - the Bard was an easter egg character in Diablo's expansion pack - Hellfire. And It would be an interesting thing to experience.

    point 2. Auction House
    I would love to see the removal of the AH - even if only as an option. It's ruined a game that's all about bashing in skulls and gathering loot. Why on earth does a game like that have this player controlled Mega-Mall full of shiny gear to buy.

    Trading I don't mind as long as it can be made safe.

    Point 3. Hardcore
    Yes i agree. I would play hardcore if my character transferred to standard game upon death.