Sunday, October 06, 2013



Matticus interviewed me for his site! Go have a look.


Thanks for the advice about Nalak. I managed to find a group of people who were pulling Nalak for giggles. I tagged Nalak with the lance and lasted long enough to finish the quest. Now on to the collecting Runestones portion of the quest.


I've signed up for Twitter. You can follow me if you really wish at @rverghes.

I haven't actually tweeted anything yet. To be honest, I rather doubt I will. But we'll see how it goes.


Twitter and the New Blogger Initiative have me contemplating how we compartmentalize our lives. A lot of MMO bloggers have given the advice that you should use a pseudonym when blogging, and I would expect that to extend to things like Twitter.

I am undecided about whether this is a good thing or not. If you were writing about a subject like running, would you bother with a pseudonym. I don't think you would, I think you'd just be okay with people finding out that you are a runner. I'm not really sure it is good to hide the fact that you are a gamer.

Of course, on Twitter it is a little weird to see tweets from multiple areas mixed together. Politics mixes with WoW mixes with regular news. And even if you can separate these into separate streams, what do you do with the other people who don't choose to compartmentalize?


  1. I'll be honest that until you said otherwise, I just assumed that Rohan was a pseudonym, and that you liked Lord of the Rings a lot.

    In my case, my pseudonym of Redbeard was easy to come by, because that was a nickname I got in college. Something like that makes selecting a pseudonym easy.

  2. Grats on getting the lance bit done. It used to be a lot easier when folks were killing him every week.

    As for Runestones.. those are a slog. I think that if you were to stack my LFR runs together, it took me 6 or 7 weeks, but I was really only getting one a week from Lei Shen for 4 weeks of that. Week 5 I got 4; 3 from Siege Gates and 1 from Lei Shen, and the last 4 over the next two weeks. So if you can stomach it, run all of that. If not, run Pinnacle and Siege.

  3. I did the compartmentalizing thing for years, but just gave up not that long ago. Partly it was just easier and partly it was sort of.. claiming my writing, I guess. This is me! This is me writing about games! HANDLE IT. :)

    My Twitter feed ends up being about 70% games and 30% random non-game things, which strikes me as a happy ratio.

  4. Hmm... I don't know that WoW bloggers are using psuedonyms to hide their identities as much as they're embracing their online identities. I mean, they are playing on RPG so it stands to reason they connect with their character. I think it's then a natural extension to also assume that role when blogging or tweeting in the WoW community.

    A blog about running (or numerous other examples) isn't quite the same thing because you don't create an identity that personifies you while you're running.

  5. I've been using Asmiroth for 20 years in my games. It's as much a part of my identity as my birth name. I don't use it as a shield so much as an immersion tool that let's me be "me" in many games and in real life.

    To use a poor analogy, is Batman Bruce Wayne or is Bruce Wayne really Batman. At some point, the line simply doesn't exist anymore.

    People starting an identity today - well there's a heck of a challenge. All the cool names are taken and you're stuck with Algatobor#143