Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I finally got my legendary cloak, [Jina-Kang, Kindness of Chi-Ji]. I really liked the last quest, where Wrathion and Lorewalker Cho told the story of your adventures in Pandaria. It was a really elegant way of underlining Wrathion's philosophies.

I also like the way the last few people to get the Legendary are shown outside the room:

That was a very nice touch.

I have seen some grumblings about how this Legendary is too accessible, a "Legendary for casuals", if you will. I think that sometimes the hardcore forget that skill is not the only virtue. Dedication and perseverance are virtues too, and worth rewarding.

I should mention that this is my first Legendary. I was always the wrong spec or too far down the depth chart for the others. We actually gave 2 Val'anyrs to people who left the guild before ICC. So I may be biased towards a model that actually allowed me to get one.

I think this model for the Legendary is a very good one. It keeps it within reach of every demographic. You only get the legendary in the last patch, mitigating power concerns. The questline is long and involved, and very satisfying. I like how you had to do a bit of everything, even PvP. I know a lot of people didn't like the PvP part, but I thought it added to the scope of the challenge, making it more worthy of being a Legendary.

I hope a similar model is used in Warlords of Draenor.


  1. Once upon a time, having epics was... epic.

    Then it was normal among HC raiders.

    Then it was "LF2M tank and healer random HC, link [epic]"

    Now everyone has a legendary.

    In next expansion it will be "Fun Gang is recruiting players to hang out with. Contact Arthasdklol for inv, full legendary gear only"

  2. So what?

    You feel bad because you are not the only one to show your wings of awesomeness?

    I guess if you had designed chess it would be a game where you have to start playing with one pawn, and you're forced to grind for months before even affording a bishop.
    Ah, and you lose them and have to grind them again if you lose a match.

    It would really be a great game.... sure.

  3. AFAIK, they plan to keep this way of obtaining a legendary, while also including 1 more legendary that is obtained from raids, probably from Mythic only bosses.

  4. I liked parts of this Legendary, like the solo scenarios that were challenging. I disliked the hope every week for a drop from bosses just to be disappointed, while others get 6 drops a week. I think at this point the Black Prince rep needs to come from the raids as well not old content no one is doing.

    I think the old ways of doing legendaries had a lot of problems with them too though. The whole guild works hard to get one person a legendary and then they promptly leave the guild. Or in MC where you had to not miss a week or you might miss the other half of a binding which usually just resulted in others logging a char in to stand at the back of the raid.

    I think if they came up with Guild Bound legendaries those would have been better. Where the guild earns one and can give it to anyone, and if that person leaves then it can be given to someone else.

    It's my first legendary when it was current so I was happy to get it.

  5. I got my legendary cloak on the exact same day as you. Funny how we're both months behind the curve but finished at the same time.

    I got the legendary daggers in Cata. I found that questline more fun because it emphasized rogue-specific abilities in solo scenarios. This time around since it was a longer questline the solo stuff was reduced in favor of LFR runs to gather materials and kill bosses. The one melee challenge at the end was good, but somewhat generic and made trivial by my current gear level.

    Also, being so far behind I found it hard to get a raid to do the celestials on the Timeless Isle. I eventually had to offer gold rewards in general chat to get people to help.

    I have no real objection to the accessibility of the legendary. I haven't really noticed people's gear since Wrath, so the items they wear to "show off" are a non-issue. I find rare and interesting mounts much more eye-catching than gear in the game right now.

  6. Scrubs running around in legendaries feeling like they accomplished things?! Well that's just wrong.*

    ... okay seriously, congrats. :) I got a Val'anyr back in WotLK, but one of the benefits of this legendary is that you can work on it together with your friends/guildies. We're having fun killing Alliance dudes or complaining about how few secrets drop each week.

    * Gear doesn't matter, content does. Who cares if everyone has a legendary if there is still tough competitive content like Mythic mode?

  7. "Gear doesn't matter, content does. Who cares if everyone has a legendary if there is still tough competitive content like Mythic mode?"

    Well, it means a returning player has no hope of joining a Mythic guild unless they have the legendary (which they won't since they have to start at the beginning) and it makes switching mains a major issues since, again, you need the legendary.

    In other words, it's so easy to get that it's expected and tuned around which can punish returning players and people wanting to switch mains.

    Now, you might very well think "Well, too bad if you're a returning player, should have returned at the start of expansion and stayed subscribed and people don't need to constantly main switch." And I actually might be inclined to somewhat agree with that idea.

    But it's still a potential problem worth keeping in mind.

  8. Balkoth, that's true. But there was a similar flaw in the previous legendary model. Someone in a mid-tier guild (usually the best player) who got a legendary became highly attractive to the higher-tier guild. I remember looking at the caster rosters of the high-end guilds, and the vast majority of them sported the legendary staff.

    So not only does the mid-tier guild lose a legendary, but also a very good player. I mentioned before that we lost our two best healers to more advanced guilds once they got their legendary.

    So all in all, coming from a mid-tier guild background, I prefer the Mists model. If returning players have to set their sights a little lower, that's fine. There are always lower ranked guilds that will give them a spot.

  9. As a Raid Leader, I definitely prefer this version of Legendary over previous ones. Firelands caused SO much drama in my raid because people would complain of favouritism (despite the fact that when the first random piece dropped folks /roll'd for it), and then we weren't even good enough to finish the damn thing in the first place (which I knew would happen, hence why I didn't put much thought into who was getting the Legendary, because it wouldn't matter in the end).

    There's a lot less stress involved when I don't need to deal with Legendary crap and people's egos.

  10. Congratulations, Rohan! I wish I'd known about the statues outside the room at the time I got mine. I'd have taken quite a few narcissistic pictures of my statue!

    This model of legendary, where individuals work on it to their own benefit, is better than the previous model, where guilds work on it to the benefit of an individual (who could then leave the guild and take it off to another guild); but I like Cain's idea, the model of guildies working on a guild-bound legendary. This not only promotes guild bonding through shared work, but also promotes guild loyalty in the beneficiary.

  11. "But there was a similar flaw in the previous legendary model."

    Sure, not saying either is flawless.

    "If returning players have to set their sights a little lower, that's fine. There are always lower ranked guilds that will give them a spot."

    Except then those returning players leave those lower ranked guilds once they get their legendary.

    So you basically have

    1, player in worse guild takes legendary to better guild, "robbing" first guild of legendary


    2, player joins worse guild with the intent of leaving as soon as they get their legendary

    So the question is whether it's better to risk people leaving and "stealing" one legendary from a guild or guarantee people will leave as soon as they get their personal legendary.