Thursday, April 03, 2014

Thoughts on Wildstar

I've been in the Wildstar beta since December, though I haven't really played it in the last month. I didn't really like Wildstar, for several reasons. I never got particularly far in the game either, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

First, you know how everyone in PvP runs around in circles like a madman? Wildstar is bringing that to PvE. I don't see this as a positive.  Maybe I'm just getting old, but going nuts with the telegraphs like Carbine did made it a very tiring game.

And to a degree, Wildstar is a more difficult game than I think people will accept. I look at their dungeons, and I have zero desire to throw myself at that. In some respects, I think I'm just not skilled enough for Wildstar, so I may as well stick with more forgiving games.

Second, I never found a class that I enjoyed. I'm not really sure why. Just none of the classes seemed to have that factor which made me want to play them. The closest were the stalker and the engineer, but even they were missing something.

I don't really know how to explain it, but it feels very much like the classes in Warhammer Online. Those were well-crafted classes mechanically, but they just left me cold. Perhaps it is a matter of archetypes, of not having literary characters that match up to the class. Perhaps I play paladins because of Paksennarion, Michael Carpenter, and Uther, and not because of the mechanics associated with the class.

Finally, this is a very small thing, but in some ways it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I really, really do not like to be sworn at. It's just a reflexive distaste. So when the level up effect involves profanity, it just puts me off completely.

As well, if you think swearing is necessary, at least have the courage to swear. Bleeped swearing is a poseur's game. All it says is "we're trying to be edgy, but not too edgy." If you have to bleep your swearing, you really should just rewrite your content to avoid profanity.

So those are the main reasons I disliked Wildstar. I did not like their combat system, their classes left me cold, and the swearing on level up was a complete turn off.

Wildstar does have several good points. The graphics are colorful and cartoony. The game performance was good. The factions were reasonably interesting. The questing was pretty decent.

I also really liked the Settler path. I really enjoyed upgrading each quest hub with buff stations and building up the fences, and generally making the camp look better. The other paths were okay, but didn't really have the pull of the Settler path.

So those are my thoughts on Wildstar. I did not like the game, but it is not a bad game. If you like the combat, and find a class you enjoy, it will be a fun ride.


  1. I think the difficulty, as in FF14, will through the process of leveling make a more stable and communal end game. That said, the gold rush looks to be bad, given the direct targeting of WoW.

    I like the sense of humor personally. It never takes itself seriously and hasn't (yet) stepped into clearly offensive material (Uldum?).

    There's a lot of give and take with it, granted. I personally want to see a more horizontal approach to themeparks and what I've seen so far seems promising. The kitchen sink approach "seems" to be working out decently.

  2. I love the humor. The narrator is explaining how you gather. I was an herbalist. To gather plants, I had to shoot them. The narrators says, "Don't worry about it. I'm sure it had it coming!"

    Wildstar seems to get it. They seem to understand the MMO player. They have so many things already in and the game is already deep and feature filled.

    As for a class, from the moment I saw her, I knew the Engineer was going to be my class. Regardless of my class in WoW, I always had at least one toon with max level Engineering as a profession. I thought many times that Blizzard could solve the balance problems they had with the profession by making it a class. It was a hero unit in WC3 just like the DK. Instead the Engineer was constantly nerfed.

    Plus, I've always wanted to play a tank with a Ranged DPS offspec (and Boomkin/Feral never appealed to me).

    Robot pets, heavy armor, giant guns, and the mech suit. Oh, you had me at mech suit.

    Now, if you'll excuse me (/cocks Launcher), there's some Dommies that about to learn about applied technology.

  3. I found the game completely compelling from the start. I like the challenge of it and the instances are incredible.

    The dungeons are more challenging than wow... especially as the healer- this only made them more fun. Every time I grouped the other players were very good-natured and incredibly supportive. There was quite a learning curve during my first instance. Even in 5 mans, the bosses have mechanics you must learn to pay attention too. It's not insanely hard but hard enough to promote an attitude of learning and cooperation. I think the level of difficulty in Wildstar manages a great compromise that will engage the hardcore hero and the casual dungeoneer.

    Also, questing where you have to move and dodge keeps the players engaged as well. WoW for me 1-Attack a group of mobs, 2-Faceroll on the keys, 3-collect the loot. Although its easier, it gets mind numbing. Questing in WoW for more than an hour had me falling asleep. I'm embarrassed to say, I played Wildstar for hours a day without wanting to stop.

    AND you have to try shiphand missions... pure awesome.

  4. "If you have to bleep your swearing, you really should just rewrite your content to avoid profanity."

    Couldn't agree more!! Bleeped profanity? People who don't want to be sworn at will still be offended, people who like swearing will feel that you've insulted their intelligence.

    It's like when you hear a song on the radio or see a video clip, and there's a bunch of bleeped or silenced profanity. "We're so hardcore and edgy and tough but OH NO NO NO not if it might cost us airplay!!"

    p.s. I love swearing and would be totally cool with an MMO that yelled "OH SHIT S0N!!" at me every time something big happened.