Thursday, May 29, 2014


I've been in a bit of a funk with games over the last couple of weeks. I just haven't felt like playing anything. Here's a bit of a round-up with what's going on in my videogame life.

Elder Scrolls Online

I gave up on ESO. I tried a dungeon and it was a terrible experience. Quasi-zerg, bad combat. No feeling of control or progress. I cancelled my subscription after that dungeon.

I do kind of regret not trying out PvP, but at the time everyone was talking about immortal vampires spewing bats and killing entire raids of people. That sounded pretty dumb to me, and I'm not really a PvP player at the best of times, so I just never got around to it.

The Old Republic

For some reason, I'm now the recruiting officer in our guild. About half our raid team decided to retire a couple months ago, so we're building back up. I'm trying to get a bench and rotation going. All in all, this is the main game I'm playing.

Final Fantasy XIV

I'm still subscribed, and I still kind of want to play it. I just never log in. In some ways, I feel like I got to the point where the game is too difficult for me. I'm not sure that's strictly true, it may have been entirely my experience with Titan HM. I just can't bring myself to attempt any of the new, more difficult, content.


For some stupid reason, I bought into the alpha. I levelled a character up to 15 and then just stopped logging in. I really have no idea why. The game was rather interesting up to that point.

Diablo 3

I'm still playing D3 a bit. I got my Crusader up to 70 and up to about Torment II in difficulty. I occasionally play with a friend and he seems reluctant to move up difficulties, so we're farming Torment I and it is terribly easy and boring. I've been desultorily playing low level alts.


A new game from the people who made Bastion. I reinstalled Steam just for this game. Then I ended up playing for 15 minutes on the Tuesday when it came out, and haven't touched it since. It looks like it will be an excellent game and those 15 minutes were a lot of fun. But I don't know, it's like I don't want to give it the time and effort that it deserves.


I haven't bought Wildstar. I tried it a few months ago in Closed Beta and did not like it. But the rest of the community seems very excited about it. I'm not sure if it would be worth trying again, or if I'll just end up disliking it for the same reasons as before.


Technically not a game. I gave up on Twitter a few days ago and deactivated my account. Too much outrage, from every direction. It's like seeing a mob being whipped up in real time, and a new mob for a new outrage every day. The French Revolution wasn't that much fun the first time around, and I see no point in repeating it in a virtual space.

As well, I think Twitter really "misses the forest for the trees". Everything seems so focused on the micro, that there's little effort made to step back and look at the big picture.

Honestly, I've been without Twitter for several days now, and do not miss it in the least.


So that's what's been happening with me lately. My enthusiasm for games seems to have fallen off a cliff for some reason, and that's been reflected in the amount of blogging lately. Hopefully I will try to post more next week.


  1. For some reason, I'm now the recruiting officer in our guild.

    Run while you can! :P From personal experience, suddenly "finding" yourself in an officer role rarely ends well. Then again, maybe that's just a side effect of me not being a very good officer.

    I think a lot of raiding guilds in SWTOR are struggling a bit right now, as eight months of DF & DP and no ETA on the next operation make for quite a content lull for raiders.

    When did WoW fall off your list? Last I recall you were still playing a little.

  2. I quit playing WoW at the end of last year, pretty much when I tried quitting games in general.

    I never picked it back up. I got the Legendary, and beat everything in LFR. So that was pretty much it unless I wanted to raid with a guild, and I was already raiding with a guild in TOR.

  3. I don't think Twitter could be more shit if it tried. Of all the things whose success boggles me, Twitter's success boggles me the most.

  4. I started ESO due to all the bloggers writing about it, then I was away for work for three weeks, and I come back and you've all gone and quit on me. Sad face.

  5. I too have not found myself firing up ESO, for no good reason. I did extend my subscription though. I think I'm just ignoring it because I'm a bit busy elsewhere, and the sun is shining.

  6. I'm feeling about the same way with games lately.I quit Wow back in the winter. I still have my account in Lotro but never play. Still have a free account in Rift that I might check once a couple weeks. I bought into Archeage but the PKing and PVP in general is turning me off from that. Just blah.

  7. Have you tried Marvel Heroes? I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but it's fun enough to pass the time when I don't know what else to play.

  8. Sorry/not sorry to hear Twitter didn't work out for you. I think it's a pretty useful tool if you curate who you follow/follows you. I do get the kneejerkyness of it, and it's a pretty big sounding board for a lot of unnecessary outrage. I wish there were a way to aggregate the individual data points, and get a good feel for it, but such is social media.

    Games are weird at the moment. Not really interested in a whole lot like yourself. Throwing spaghetti at the wall at the moment to see what sticks, but FTL has it's hooks in me. May want to check it out.