Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Achilles Heel of MMOs

From Reddit:
I'm not exactly sure what just happened 
I'm fairly new to MMORPG's in general. FFXIV is the first time I've ever played one.
I'm level 15, and I was on a quest called 'It's Probably Pirates: Limsa Lominsa' It involves clearing out the dungeon 'Sastasha'.
For some reason I got a message right before we reached the last boss that said "You have been dismissed from both the party and the duty."
So now I'm sitting here upset at having wasted 40 minutes grinding away and wondering what happened. Did I do something wrong? I don't understand.

We eat our young.


  1. Yeah.

    Don't start playing an MMO alone. It's not gonna be pleasant.

  2. Being a blogger can be a bonus here, I take a lot of screenshots out of habit. I can't think of this happening to me actually but were it to happen I'd have photographic evidence of those names I should be reporting!

  3. It really sucks....I only just heard of parties in GW2 recently that will pug the 5th member and then right before the final boss of an instance, will ask for gold or kick him/her. This is totally unacceptable and it's infuriating because there's little you can do against it.

  4. Happens in Neverwinter Online too, according to the forums. There it's purely out of greed.

    The less people to fight the boss, the better their odds of getting the reward. Wouldn't be a problem if everyone was rewarded equally. :P

  5. "Eating our young" is right.

    Then again, there's no downside for such behavior, so people will do it just because they can.

    It's sad, really, that people think this is a good idea, but the more I've seen of the real world*, the more MMOs are a hazy reflection of it.

    *If there's one part about getting old, it's that your jaded impressions of things start showing up everywhere.