Monday, September 15, 2014

Upcoming Schedule for Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor is being released in a few months. Since I'm not actually playing WoW these days, I've lost track of exactly when things are occurring. So I thought I'd list all the upcoming events that I know about.

Oct ??Patch 6.0 released. No formal release date yet, but it's usually about a month before the expansion proper.
Nov 7-8Blizzcon
Nov 13Warlords of Draenor released.
Nov 21 - Jan 6WoW's 10th Anniversary. Remastered Molten Core (for level 100) and Southshore vs Tarren Mill (for level 90-100).
Dec 2Rated PvP season starts.
Dec 2Normal and Heroic Highmaul raid opens.
Dec 9Raid Finder and Mythic Highmaul opens.

I'm really happy that raids are not being opened right away. At least there will be a few weeks so people can take their time levelling.

It seems like a short time between the start of the expac and the 10th Annversary. However, you only have to do the content once to get all the rewards, so that should make it a lot easier. As well, Blizzard does have data on how fast people normally level.

Still, the holiday season occurs at the same time. I expect that Blizzard to be monitoring what percentage of the playerbase has done the anniversary content. My guess is that they will extend the availability of the content to the end of January.


  1. Thanks for the neat summary. I haven't played WoW since 4.0 days (damn.. that's nearly three and half years ago) but I was thinking of checking in again for the WoD and this is a helpful calendar.

  2. "I'm really happy that raids are not being opened right away. At least there will be a few weeks so people can take their time levelling."

    My sarcasm detector went off, although it might have been a false alarm.

    I can almost guarantee you that someone will have gotten to max level within 48 hours. Just because.

  3. Eh? I usually complain about this when a new expac comes out. I like taking my time to level up, but if you raid seriously there's an expectation that you will rush to cap and be ready for raiding asap.

    There will always be the crazy people who rush to cap. But delaying the opening on raids reduces pressure on a lot of the other raiders who enjoy levelling.

  4. Okay, I couldn't be sure if you were sarcastic about the comment about people taking their time leveling.

    I think your hope is a good one, but the rush-rush-rush to the level cap and then complain "there's nothing to do" is too ingrained in MMO's culture --and particularly in WoW's culture.

    I'm sure the major raiding guilds already have it mapped out how to get to L100 the fastest, where the best gear is, and what the best talents are for raiding. That info will leak out once 6.0 drops, and it will be a mad dash to the level cap.