Wednesday, August 12, 2015

External Drive Enclosure, FFXIV Summer Faire

External Drive Enclosure

Thanks to the recommendations of gamingsf and Pallais in a previous post, I purchased an external hard drive enclosure from Amazon. It only cost about $30 CAD. It's a pretty simple device, shaped kind of like a toaster. You plug a hard drive into the slot, and you can use it like an external drive through USB.

It worked reasonably well, though it was a little finicky. I had to try multiple USB slots before it finally registered. But once Windows detected the device, it worked well, and I was able to pull data off both hard drives from old machine.

I managed to get my FFXIV settings, so now all my gear sets and macros are back in place. That's a big relief, as I was avoiding logging in and rebuilding everything.

FFXIV Summer Faire

The latest holiday event in FFXIV is the Summer Faire. It's a pretty simple event, with a couple quest lines and a bunch of Fates in Costa del Sol. One interesting change is that there are repeatable quests for Fishermen and Culinarians, which are an alternate way of getting the holiday currency for this event.

As normal, the rewards are mostly cosmetic. Swimsuits, for the most part. One change is that this event does also have some of the rewards from the previous holiday event (yukatas). Perhaps this will be another way to get old rewards, as FFXIV revamps holiday events every year. Before this, old rewards went into the cash shop. I thought that was a pretty fair way of handling old rewards, but this is a good method as well.


  1. I still kind of wish that FFXIV handled old holiday event rewards by turning the old rewards into crafting recipes that you can purchase if you completed the old quest to get them or something. Like a once a year All Saints Wake sale or something.

    1. That's an interesting alternative. I never considered crafting as an option before. It would work for most costumes, barding, some pets, furniture. There are a couple crafting professions which might be left out, though. Armorsmith and Blacksmith, mostly. Also, some pets might be inappropriate for crafting.

    2. I'm sure they could have armorsmiths and blacksmiths make some of the base materials. I mean, an alchemist could have a special "All Saint's Wake" black dye for the ghost costume for example.

      Alchemists would make pets. Kidding...sort of. It's is alechemy after all. Maybe gatherers? You know, "You break a rock and rescue so and so from being crushed!" or something.

      Or have things like pets and emotes learned at an in city festival. Something like - "Bomb Dance, only available at night (Eorzea time). Learn dance." Or make it Gold Saucer prizes for the holiday duration for doing certain minigames and the like.

      I'm sure they could do more but for clothes? Clothes could go to crafters.

  2. Oooh I have to log in and check out some of the old rewards then. Also big support for changing up holiday events, it's quite horrible to just copy-paste them for infinity (totally not looking at other MMOs here)!

    1. Yeah, new events are always nice to look forward to. The downside is that they aren't as extensive as events in WoW can be.

      There are also swimsuits from older events, as well as the yukatas.

    2. On the other hand, this Moonfire Faire had a way to get tokens via crafting which had an awesome, festive effect on people. Fishers, fishers being protected, a whole bunch of crafters lined up and handing out Battered fish... It's been an amazing summer festival.