Sunday, January 03, 2016


I hope everyone had a happy New Year's Day, and will have a great 2016!

This past week, I was contemplating the difference in holidays between WoW, SWTOR, and FFXIV.

On one side, WoW and SWTOR both have somewhat grindy holidays. WoW used to have rare drop mounts, or collecting hundreds of eggs during Easter. SWTOR's Life Day holiday involves throwing hundreds of snowballs at people to collect the random parcels which are the currency.

In contrast, FFXIV holiday events are usually a short questline, maybe with a couple FATEs thrown in. If you complete the questline, which usually takes about an hour and can be done at low levels, you get all the rewards for the holiday. The grind is totally absent.[1]

Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but it feels like the games have different philosophies towards holidays. WoW and SWTOR both say:

It's a holiday, so you probably have a lot of free time. Here's a way for you to spend that time.

FFXIV, in contrast, says:

It's a holiday, so you probably have other plans. Here's a short piece of content that you can quickly do to celebrate in-game, before you go.

Truthfully, the WoW/SWTOR attitude is probably more accurate for many of their players. But I like FFXIV's attitude better.

1. And it's not like FFXIV has any objection to grinds, as the Relic weapon questline proves.


  1. I wish you illustrious and happy 2016.

  2. I've always enjoyed the holiday events in WoW for as long as I had played it (Vanilla to MoP plus a month of WoD).

    It gave me an incentive to spend a whole weekend to binge on the content and run it on as many alts as possible, get achievements, a bit of equip sometimes and so on.

    Same with GW2 really - first I tried to get the meta achievement done, since then been logging in nearly daily and spending 5-10 minutes on stuff.

    Then again, maybe it would have been nice to declare something "done" after 1-2h of ingame time, once - but I've never experienced that in a game.