Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Favorite Overwatch Heroes

Like everyone else, I've been playing a fair amount of Overwatch over the last week. I'm level 15, and I've only gotten one Legendary skin so far. However, it happened to be the one skin I actually wanted: Devil Mercy. So Lady Luck has smiled on me.

Devil Mercy skin
Heroes never die ... for a price!
Inspired by Syl's post at MMO Gypsy, I'm going steal her format and list my favorite heroes so far.

A) Heroes I feel confident playing

1. Mercy - highest playtime so far
2. Lucio - preferred for pushing the payload
3. Reaper - the one hero I can kill people with
4. Torbjorn - turrets have good aim

B) Heroes I’d like to get better at

5. Reinhardt
6. Winston
7. Junkrat
8. McCree
9. Bastion

C) Heroes that feel awkward

10. Symmetra
11. Roadhog
12. D.Va
13. Zarya
14. Soldier 76

D) Heroes I haven’t really touched

15. Mei
16. Widowmaker
17. Genji
18. Zenyatta
19. Hanzo
20. Pharah
21. Tracer

The biggest issue so far is that I don't really have a tank character that I understand and can play decently. I can put up Reinhardt's shield and walk to the objective. And sometimes Winston works well, but sometimes I just continuously die.

Otherwise, since I'm willing to heal, I don't get much of a chance to play offensive characters, especially the snipers.

So far Overwatch has been a lot of fun. The matchmaking seems to be working well. I have a good mix of wins and losses, and there have been many close and exciting games.


  1. "Like everyone else, I've been playing a fair amount of Overwatch".

    I'm not sure if it's some weird bias or excuse for wasting time in that silly game. I wouldn't touch it, along with 99% of the population of the planet.

    1. Why not? It's a pretty good shooter.

    2. That's beside the point. 1% of the mankind is 60M. Even if we exclude those without computer, we are over 10M. Do you think Overwatch will reach this user count?

      My point is that you liked a game and automatically assumed that it's already crazy popular, when it's not really.

    3. Well, it's at 7M just in one week, so yes, I think it will hit the 10M mark fairly easily.

      But my phrase was just a phrase, a bit of hyperbole. I don't literally think *everyone* is playing Overwatch.

  2. Oh dear, someone got out of the bed the wrong side and ate a huge breakfast of 'taking everything literally'.
    Anyway back on track, it seems like quite a fun game, I bought it for my daughter and she is loving it. A lot of my guildies are playing it and having a lot of fun doing so. I am even contemplating buying a copy for myself so I can join in.

  3. Tanks don't really work well unless you have people who are good enough to back you up and keep you alive. Especially Winston. Half of the time when I play him, I'm wondering where the rest of my team is as I get killed over and over. The other half, I'm in there causing chaos being a tank and the rest of the team is cleaning up and supporting me.

  4. Add me at Balkoth#1847 if you want to play some games!