Monday, December 04, 2017

Dropping FFXIV

I've decided to stop playing Final Fantasy XIV.

The first reason is that I've decide to try and get through the backlog of games I have to play. So I've decided to stick with one long-term game, WoW, and one short-term game which gets uninstalled after I finish it. Thus FFXIV is dropped and uninstalled.

The second reason is that I do not find the current meta much fun. I don't like running through the dungeon and mass pulls. I also played a paladin, which is a tank class. But the current meta is all about staying in DPS stance as much as possible and doing maximum DPS. I didn't find it as fun as actually tanking.

So I switched to playing a Red Mage, but my heart wasn't really in it. It's perfectly fine, I suppose, but spamming AoE was a little boring.

The main story quest and other single-player quests are still excellent. I may resub when the story patches are releaed. But the heart of FFXIV daily gameplay is regular dungeon runs and group content. And somewhere along the line, I lost the "fun" in that.


  1. I'm finding I'm only playing 2-3 days a week. Daily expert plus 1 additional dungeon and the 3 kojin dailes gives 155 tomes, so 3 days (or early Saturday morning around the reset time for double on a single day) a week is all I'm doing anymore myself. I actually do enjoy it, but I've got all jobs to 70 and i don't like to raid or pvp, so there's not a whole lot in the pve to keep me coming in each day anymore.

    OTOH, I'm having lots of fun in Civ6 and Stellaris lately......

    1. Hmm, I never did 2 dungeons a day, just one. So I usually logged in most days in a week for an hour or so.

      Perhaps I should have leveled more classes to max, but I didn't really care for Palace of the Dead. I actually kind of liked FATEs, but they went out of fashion for leveling.