Friday, January 04, 2019

Mag'har Orc Scenario

I finally got exalted with the Honorbound on my Horde character, and unlocked the Mag'har Orc allied race.

The scenario itself was really neat. You go back to the alternate Draenor, this time twenty or thirty years after the events in Warlords of Draenor.

In this timeline, the Draenei became fanatical members of the Lightbound under High Exarch Yrel. They seek to convert everyone on Draenor to the Light. You have to rescue the last remnants of the Mag'har from them and bring them to Azeroth.

It's a really interesting set up. The real question is if Blizzard will do anything with this. I could see another expansion based around the Lightbound invading Azeroth. But perhaps a better method might be like how Star Trek used their Mirror Universe. Save it for occasional interaction, but don't focus on it intensely. A bit like how the Infinite Dragonflight was used.

This scenario was excellently done, and it's worth grinding rep with the Honorbound on a Horde character to see it.


  1. It's an interesting scenario because the Orcs are unreliable narrators. We saw with Grommash how quickly an Orc would change their position. Without having seen the Draenei side of things we really don't know if the Mag'har are being honest or if they are trying to smooth talk the Horde for more help. Given their actions in the main timeline and in the AU timeline it is quite possible this is all the Mag'har's fault.

    I like this sort of ambiguity because it still gives Blizzard room to pull in Yrel as help as was suggest in the final HFC cinematic.

    1. That's a very good point. We did only see one side, and are missing 30 years of context.

      I still think Blizzard will go with fanatic Draenei, because it's not the main universe, which gives them more space to become very different.