Tuesday, December 03, 2019

December Updates

World of Warcraft

Still boycotting.


I'm working on the boss of Act V (I think). This one puts circles of light on the ground that you have to avoid, but if you get too far away from him, he pulls out a gun and starts shooting. I'm still trying to find a good strategy of dealing with it.

I do have one side-quest outstanding. I may go and do that quickly before coming back to this boss.

The Old Republic

I think Bioware messed up the scaling on the vehicles. I'm taking my Inquisitor through Iokath, and there's this one part where you have to fight 3 giant Sentinel robots in a Walker, and I'm just getting wrecked. I can't even kill one before I die. I seriously do not remember this fight being this hard.

Final Fantasy XIV

I'm slowly leveling Red Mage. I'm up to 78 now. While waiting for the queue to pop, I'm leveling Botanist and Armorer. I rather like the changes that SE made to the gathering and crafting classes. They also level extremely fast now. I can get 2 to 3 levels of Botanist just from the class quests that come every 5 levels.


  1. The messed up vehicle scaling in SWTOR is a known issue. Hopefully they'll fix it with the next patch.

    1. Hmm, I thought I heard something about that when Onslaught launched, but there were a couple of previous sequences with the Walker that seemed to go okay, so I figured it had been fixed.

    2. All the vehicle combat in KOTET had that issue for me. I had to pay super attention to the healing spots. That one boss fight wrecked me with adds on Story mode. I'm sure I could have done better OUTSIDE the vehicle. *grumble*