Monday, October 19, 2020

Hades: Defeated Last Boss ... Or Not

I'm pretty bad at Hades. Everywhere I see people defeating it for the first time on attempt 17 or 18. Here I am at attempt 35 and I still haven't beaten the last boss yet. 

I've beaten the third boss about three times now. On my last run, I was doing really well. I had the Athena deflect dash and was slowly killing the last boss. Then I screwed up and lost a lot of my health quickly. With a sliver of health left, I managed to deal the final points of damage, reducing the boss' health bar to zero. I was so excited!

Then Phase 2 started.

It was chaos, with spinning beams of fire everywhere. I panicked and died a couple seconds into the new phase. 

Oh well, on to the next attempt.


  1. If you haven’t already, give Skelly a nectar. He gives a keepsake that gives you 1 extra life.

    He’s a real pain in the butt, as he can move like lightning. The key item here is that you need to dash through him to avoid his large spin attack. You likely want a defensive Call (Athena is awesome, so is Poseidon or Ares) that prevent all damage. Use them at full force. From there, you have 2 options.

    1) dash strikes. Dash through him, hit twice, repeat. This can take a while.

    2) ranged attacks. The shield is your best bet here for a first clear. Since you don’t have access to Demeter, you can’t get her awesome Cast ability. You should be able to get Dionysus’s Fog ability, which is stupid powerful. Cast, hide behind a pillar, get the gems, cast again. If by some miracle you get a Duo boon on that fog, it’s easy mode.

    Good luck :)

    1. I have all the keepsakes and Demeter too. She unlocks when you reach the surface (don't actually have to beat the boss).

      My problem is that I just take too much incidental damage and get whittled down.

    2. In the first phase, his spin is 25 damage. Learning how to avoid that makes it a lot easier.

      2nd phase, he does an on spot twirl of the spear for a second, then anothet second before the beams hit you. Fight near the pillars and you can avoid all of that. He will however use the spin from phase 1 twice.

      A super cheap way is to use the Dionysus keepsake and restart runs until you get the Fog cast Boon and bring it to level 4 with Poms. Should give you 250dmg stun lock bombs. Luck out with a Zeus duo and youll never have to melee again.