Friday, November 27, 2020

Bastion and Maldraxxus

This post contains spoilers for Bastion and Maldraxxus.


I didn't like Bastion all that much. You'd think I would like it, it being the obvious paladin covenant. But really, they came across as more cult-like than anything, with the whole erasure of memories bit and everyone being transformed into a blue human.

There's also a curiously chill and low-energy vibe, which is odd. I actually liked the bad guys a lot more, except that they sided with the obviously evil big bad.

It's really annoying that all the paladin theorycrafters say that the Kyrian Covenant is far and away the best covenant, especially for Holy Paladins. I don't really want to join that Covenant.


Maldraxxus was more interesting. I liked the different Houses, especially the House of Plagues. Lady Vashj showing up as a major player was quite fun.

The only problem was that ending was quite disjointed. I think one of my addons may have forced-canceled an important cutscene, because suddenly people were talking about being betrayed as if everyone knew it had happened. I disabled all my addons after Maldraxxus just to be safe.

The side-quest with the library was also quite fun. I missed a book on the very bottom floor, and had to go all the way back down and up, evading all the traps again.


  1. It might not be an addon. I had an important cutscene in Ardenweald just not play. For all the extra time Blizzard took, it feels like they still needed another few months to polish things.

    1. Yeah, maybe. Though I bet they would have spent that extra month tinkering more with the endgame systems.

  2. The only time I've felt disjointed is when the hostile factions in Ardenweald are name dropped. It just felt like all of a sudden the NPC's knew something that I wasn't told that tied it all together.

    1. I think there are a couple side-quests which introduce the bad guys a little better. My guess is that the main line was too long, so they made some quests into side-quests.

      Or possibly, this whole main story came later, and they had a more traditional quest hub approach.