Sunday, December 06, 2020

Night Fae Covenant, The Maw

Night Fae Covenant

In the end, I turned my back on Holy Paladin theorycraft and joined the Night Fae Covenant. The abilities are mediocre, but the covenant itself is really enjoyable. 

The initial quests were amazing! The Fae put on a play explaining the events of the last two expansions, complete with audience reactions. It was hilarious! If you've played through the last two expansions, especially if you're a steady player, you have to take a character through this Covenant.

Otherwise it's pretty much been steadily unlocking facets of the covenant. I like the new adventure table. It's much more of a real game with strategy. I think it's based off "auto-chess", which is a genre I really haven't looked into.

The Maw

The Maw is okay. There are a couple of weekly quests, a couple of daily quests, and some rares and bosses. Not being able to mount is unusual, but you get used to it pretty fast.

The daily cap mechanic is interesting. Every major thing you do in the Maw (bosses, quests) increases the Jailor's Eye on you and adds more and more annoying mechanics. Level 1 makes some wandering monsters hostile. Level 2 periodically bombards your location, forcing you to move. Level 3 has assassins appear when you fight new mobs. Level 4 has Mawsworn swoop down and pick you up. I think you have to kill them before they drop you to your death. Level 5 is an auto-kill I think. I try to stay below Level 3, as I find the assassins very annoying.

It's a really interesting way of doing a soft cap on your activities (with a hard cap at Level 5).

The Maw is okay, I guess. It's not particularly interesting, but the game encourages you to limit your time inside the Maw, meaning that it doesn't become overly tiresome. It's pretty comfortable moving it down the list of priorities, but slowly working on the story.


  1. Ignored the theorycrafting, eh? That's reassuring honestly. I've been stressing over this a lot, and maybe it deserves it's own blog post if I get around to it. I went Kyrian for my disc priest, which I'm pretty happy with in regards to both my personal preference and min-maxing.

    But I'm trying to figure out where to put my alts and am having much more trouble. I want to see all four campaigns, and it's so hard to do the "wrong" thing. I put my DK in Venthyr but can't decide on my druid or shaman. In some ways, it feels like my druid should be in NF because it's so druid-y, but I also feel like his personality matches Necrolords. Plus, I really like the NF mounts (would never be seen on my druid) and armor (seen rarely). And my resto shaman would love the feel/mount/armor of Night Fae, but it's a terrible choice for him according to theorycrafting, which dictates that he should go Necrolords. Maybe the balance will shift by the time I get around to playing those alts.

    1. I'm not really sure how good of a decision that was, though. The Kyrian ability is *really* strong for Holy Paladins, and I am somewhat regretting not having it, especially as we started raiding.

      But honestly, I like everything else about Night Fae, so I'm just going with it. Actually, I like the Night Fae Blessing power, but it's just under-tuned. If it was a bit stronger, and Kyrian power nerfed a bit, things would be better.