Saturday, January 16, 2021

Torghast Beasts

This week there's a special event in Torghast where you can get a beast companion at the start of the instance and then improve it with anima powers instead of your own. This is the regular wings, not Twisting Corridors

I did a couple of Layer 8s, and as I was the healer, I gave the beasts a whirl. They seemed okay to me. I got this combo where the beast did 100% extra damage, but lost health every second, and a power where if the beast dropped to low health, it would explode. When the combo went off, it did a lot of damage.

However, I think it might have worked better solo. With a full group, we were killing things pretty quickly, so nothing lasted long enough. The beast did do the majority of my damage. And I mean I was a healer, so it's not like I would have done high damage if I hadn't taken the beast.

I've done both wings, so I probably won't do Torghast again this week. But the next time it comes around, I might try doing a wing solo with the beast companion.


  1. The AE beast, with a short cooldown and massive damage boosts (40% stacks 5 times I think) plus the power you mentioned is a nice boost. The interesting bit is that most powers are straight gains ,compared to player powers that are more about synergy and timing. In other words, theres very little "bad" rng.

    1. Yeah, I did a Layer 4 solo with my priest, and it worked out pretty well with the Beast. It was a decent tank, which I thought helped smooth out the shadow priest game-play quite a bit. Kind of makes me sad it's a temporary event.