Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Short Raid Night

Apparently WoW is having server issues as we were having odd lag and delays during the raid tonight. Regardless we did the skip in Normal, killing the last bosses, and then went on to Heroic.

We got up to Lady Inerva, and then saw the dreaded "Server Restart in 15:00". So we pulled her.

Luckily the fight went well, we got her down on the first attempt. We looted quickly, ran out of the instance and logged out.

It looks like the servers will be offline for a while, so we called the raid early. None the less, we are in a good position for our next raid night. Hopefully this will translate into a lot of time to practice Sludgefist.


  1. It wasn't just in Retail; I saw it in Classic too, while I was farming Frostmaul Giants for the Greater Frost Protection Potion recipe. It really sucks when you're in the middle of a fight and suddenly everything freezes, and then 20 seconds later you're eating dirt.

    Probably sucked much worse in raid, tho.

    1. Hmm, our lag was a bit weirder, like a half-second delay on everything. Enough to throw you off a bit, but not enough to really hurt.