Thursday, February 16, 2006

Quote about Paladins

My post however is not to complain about being kicked from the raid but to inform the rest of the alliance on Eitrigg what fvcking retards these people are. They took 3-5 minute breaks in between every pull, instead of pulling the guys from Drak's room across the bridge, they all fought on the bridge, even after people got knocked off, there were no druids in the group, 2 priests and a bunch of paladins who thought they could melee [Emphasis mine], and instead of healing, the priests were too occupied with MC'ing the guards and throwing them off of the bridge. They also distributed every BoE loot as soon as it dropped, rather then doing them all at the same time at the end of the raid. Yea, like I said, noobs.

- Jurandrese, 60 Warrior, Officer of the end-game guild Epicus Furor on Etrigg

Look Blizzard, when an officer of an end-game guild can call a melee hybrid a 'fvcking retard' for attempting to melee, I would suggest that there is a fundamental problem with the design of the class.

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